Growing Linnanmaa area needs more exercise opportunities and services

Exercise has positive effects to the mental health – a lack of exercise is connected to a poor sleep quality and tiredness during the day. People who are physically active regularly are able to manage their stress better than people who are inactive physically. Exercising is one of the most effective methods to improve one’s health and maintain functionality. In the 21st century the students’ mental health problems have increased. According to the The Finnish Student Health Survey 2016 every third higher education student suffers from mental health problem symptoms regularly. A great number of studies show us that exercise decreases the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Exercise prevents depression relapses and especially aerobic sports have positive impact to one’s brain functions.

Growing Linnanmaa area needs more services especially because Oulu University of Applied Sciences is moving its main campus to Linnanmaa in 2020. Daily in the campus of two Universities there will work and study over 20 000 people. Logical solution is to locate new exercise opportunities and services to Linnanmaa because of the increase in population in the area. Exercice hall of Linnanmaa was build in 1992 and ice hall eight years later in 2000. The biggest and still unbuild exercise area reservations are set to Linnanmaa, Hiukkavaara and Iinatti. There has been six reports about the swimming hall of Linnanmaa and the last one is from the year 2011. Locating the swimming hall to Linnanmaa is supported by population projections, complementary building plans and study of exercise location’s availability made by Geography Research Unit of Oulu University.

University Sports of Oulu offers sports opportunities and services around the city to the students and staff who have bought the sports pass. If the University Sports of Oulu wants to offer it’s services so that is serves the needs of the students it should review is services and sport opportunities when the student population will focus to Linnanmaa. According to the Recommendations for University Sports 2018 sitting down for long periods of time during a day leads to a great number of health problems. In average, a higher education student sits 11 hours a day. Exercise opportunities in campus and in its vicinity should be improved to prevent the detriment of sitting and to support mental health.

Sanna Kangasniemi
The Student Union of the University of Oulu
Social Affairs Specialist

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