Hulkkonen and Leinonen to lead OYY in the year 2022

Emma Hulkkonen elected as the Chair of the Student Council, Lotta Leinonen as the Chair of the Board

The Chairs for the Student Council and the Executive Board were elected in the Student Council meeting on 15th of December. Emma Hulkkonen was elected as the Chair of the Student Council, and Leea Putula as the vice Chair. The Chair of the Board will be Lotta Leinonen, and the members of the Board are Suvi-Anna Salminen, Iikka Kokkoniemi, Essi Leinonen, Tiitu-Lotta Paju, Viljami Viinikka, Arwa Benkherouf and Lotta Ellonen.

The Vice Chairs of the Board will be elected in the organising meeting in January. In the same meeting, the Board will decide the internal division of responsibilities. The Boards’ task is to implement the action plan the Student Council has approved. In the year 2022, there is four action plan projects. They focus on effective advocacy and supporting students’ participation by renewing the section activities, communications and brand update, cooperation with the student societies and students wellbeing.

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