Join in to build the future of the Student Union – run as a candidate in the elections

The Student Union elections will be held during 28.10.–3.11.2021.

The time has come for you to create the new normal of the Student Council during the next two years. You can make an impact in the Student Council’s future views by registering as a candidate in the Student Council Elections. The Call for Elections has been given on Monday the 13th of September, so now you can run as a candidate officially. Every member of the Student Union is eligible to run as a candidate and to vote. You can run as a candidate through a list or by yourself. The Members of the Student Council and their Deputy Members are chosen in the elections that are held every other year. The last day for submitting the election documents is on Wednesday 13th of October. You can get the election documents from the OYY’s office or from here

For the first time ever the voting in the Student Council Elections is held through Tuudo mobile application. The voting system has been under development since spring. 

“Voting in the application that is used by students daily is easy and fluent. We are hoping to see it affect positively on the voting rates”, says Kauko Keskisärkkä, the Secretary General of the Student Union. 

The target in the elections is to raise the voting rate from 29.4 percent to 31 percent. In addition to that the target is to have at least 150 candidates. The part-time Elections Coordinator has been recruited for the elections. His job is to raise awareness of the work of the Student Council and the elections midst the Societies. 

“You can find a lot of active students from the Subject and Interest Societies that could have enthusiasm for Student Council work as well. I hope to pave the way for them by my own example”, comments Santeri Siira, who was recruited to work as the Elections Coordinator. 

The Student Council is the highest decision maker of the Student Union, and it elects for example the Secretary General and the Editor in Chief for the Oulu student magazine. The Student Representatives of the University Board and Collegium are also elected in the Council. The Student Council also decides about the Student Union’s Action Plan and budget as well as rules and strategy. The Student Council Elections are held every other year and they are held at the same time in most of the Student Unions in Finland. SYL offers election compass for Student Unions use. You can find nationwide and Student Union specific questions from the voting advice application.

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