Student Union announces: on the impacts of the corona epidemic to the students

The corona virus epidemic has a significant impact on the everyday activities of the University and the lives of the students.

Last update: 27.3. at 15.40. Added information about remote desktops and library services.


In late 2019, an epidemic caused by the new coronavirus COVID-19 began in China and it has spread worldwide. Follow the development of the epidemic and guidelines for prevention on the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare’s (THL) website:

Impact on the day-to-day life of the students

The corona virus epidemic has a significant impact on the everyday activities of the University and the lives of the students. On 16 March 2020, the Government decided on additional measures to address the coronavirus outbreak in Finland. The aim of the measures is to protect the population and to safeguard the functioning of society and the economy. The measures will be in force until 13 April 2020. The Government has announced, in cooperation with the President of the Republic, that there is a state of emergency in the country as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

The University of Oulu will switch entirely to distance learning and close its campuses from students, in accordance with the guidelines from the Government of Finland. Closure of premises takes effect on Wednesday, March 18, and will last until April 13. If students have equipment, material or other property on University premises, they must fetch it on Tuesday, March 17. The students will be informed about the distance learning courses as soon as the arrangements progress.

On the 12th of March  the University already denied the access to the university facilities if one has any symptoms of flu. People with any kind of symptoms are not allowed to attend lectures or any teaching situations, including exams. In addition the University has informed that the possibilities to study remotely will be increased.

The best way to protect yourself and everyone around you from any kind of respiratory infection is to practice good hand hygiene.

Follow the updates of University’s guidelines for corona virus here.


From Wednesday, March 25 onwards University of Oulu students may get necessary books from the library during the exceptional situation on certain conditions. The collecting of books must be agreed on by email. More detailed instructions for University of Oulu students will be announced in the library news in Tuudo.

Remote desktops for students

ICT Services of the University have brought into use new remote servers which make possible for students and researchers to use the university’s licensed software remotely without payment. Read more here.

Exchange students

On the 16th of March the Government of Finlandhas advised Finnish travelers to return to Finland immediately. According to the decision made by the University of Oulu 12th of March, the students in exchange are recommended to return to Finland regardless of the exchange destination country. The University of Oulu will reimburse the necessary travel expenses which are not covered by travel insurance or scholarship.

Good hand hygiene must be ensured on the return journey. Those returning from the exchange must stay at home and distance learn 14 days after returning.  The University recommends that students do not leave for student exchange during the spring semester 2020.

For more information about international mobility services contact

Study grant

The regulations regarding the financial aid for students allow the exceptional situation caused by the coronavirus to be taken into account in the maximum time limits for student aid and sufficient progress in studies. If it has not been possible to study, the student may continue to have the study allowance, even if the amount of the studies has not been sufficient. It is possible to extend the maximum period of study grant. Kela will announce other student aid effects separately.

Services of the Student Union

The office of the Student Union is closed for now. However, specialists at the Student Union are working as usual, only the work is done remotely. If you have problems concerning studying, living, personal finance or other student life related questions, you can contact the specialists by sending an email to Contact information for the specialists is available here.

Future events of the student union are cancelled or they will be conducted remotely. Follow student union’s social media accounts for more information.

The Student Union will no longer be distributing free tickets to the last rehearsal of the play “Ortotopologian lopulliset alkeet”. The producer of the play has informed us about postponing the play.

Guild Rooms

The Student Union has recommended to subject societies and guilds to close their guild rooms for the time being.

If you get sick

If you get any flu symptoms or if you suspect you have coronavirus follow the instructions of City of Oulu. You should stay home if you have mild symptoms.

More information on the FSHS website.

The situation regarding the Faculty of Medicine

The University of Oulu informed the 12th of March about 17 students having an infection of the coronavirus. According to the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine everyone who has possibly been exposed to the virus has been mapped out together with PPSHP (the Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital district). All those (word those added on the 13.3. at 15.30) who on March 9 attended same lectures with students who have got the infection, as well as other exposed persons, are in quarantine according to the instructions of an infectious disease doctor. The University and PPSHP will track the situation closely. If new infection cases appear, they will be handled according to the instructions of PPSHP. 

Why all this?

The reason of all this is to slow down the epidemic so that the resources of the health care system would be sufficient to help those who need medical assistance, and that we need to protect those who are in greater risk because of their age or condition. If you want to meet your elderly loved ones, consider calling them instead of visiting them.

Is your question left unanswered?

The situation has brought up many questions, and unfortunately we don’t have answers to all of them for the time being. The Student Union concentrates all its resources to handle the consequences of the corona epidemic. We will answer the questions when we have the answers. Our goal is to promote the fluency of studying and day-to-day life of students also in this situation.

If you need any guidance, please contact the Specialist of the Student Union via You can find the contact information of the staff of the Student Union here.

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