Student Union announces: on the impacts of the corona epidemic to the students

The corona virus epidemic has a significant impact on the everyday activities of the University and the lives of the students.

Last update: 11.8.


 COVID-19 pandemic is still affecting the everyday life and studying in the University. Follow the development of the epidemic and guidelines for prevention on the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare’s (THL) website:

Frequently asked questions about coronavirus situation

1. My studies are not progressing according to my plans due to the corona situation and my credit accumulation does not meet Kela’s minimum requirements for the study progress. Do I have to return the study grant?

There is no need to return the study grant if your studies have been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, Kela might ask you to explain why your studies have been delayed. The student support legislation  makes it possible to take into account the exceptional situation caused by the coronavirus during the maximum periods of student support and the sufficient progress of studies. The maximum period of study support can also be extended.

When you re-apply for a study grant, select “ilmoitan muusta muutoksesta tai haen lisätukea” (I’m reporting some other kind of change or applying for additional financial aid) and then ”Jatko- tai lisätukihakemus” (Application for extended or additional financial aid) in Kela’s transaction service. Please indicate that your application concerns “Tuen myöntämistä uudelleen opintojen riittämättömän edistymisen jälkeen” (New award of financial aid following insufficient academic progress). OYY’s specialist of social affairs can help you with the questions you might have regarding study grant or study progress (

2. I’m a guardian to a child who is less than a 10-year-old  and I took an unpaid leave from work because of the coronavirus situation in order to take care of my child in home. What subsidies can I get?

If you are studying, it is possible for you to get financial aid for students , which consists of a study grant and a student loan. In addition to the study grant, you will receive provider supplement. Because you stayed home from work to care for your child under the age of 10, you can apply for  temporary financial assistance from Kela. Student aid and temporary financial assistance can be paid at the same time. Note, however, that temporary financial assistance is taxable income, so it is counted as income in student income control, like your salary.

3. My teacher requires me to share my ID in remote exam. How should these things really go?

In the beginning of the exceptional circumstances and distance teaching and studying, the University of Oulu published guidelines of student identity verification in distance learning. You can log in to Patio with your student ID. These guidelines say that “In services where a student uses his or her username, it can be assumed that the student is who he or she claims to be.” Discuss this with the course teacher first. You can refer to these instructions in the discussion. If the situation is not resolved by discussing it with the course teacher, you can contact OYY’s specialist of academic affairs (

4. The course I took feels really hard. Has the teacher given us too many assignments?

The University of Oulu has defined that the average reading speed of a student is about 10 pages / h, in which case, for example, 100 pages is 10 h of student work. In addition, the average writing speed is 0.5-1 pages of edited text / h, in which case, for example, 5-10 hours of student work must be calculated for a 5-page essay. 1 cr = 27 hours of student work. You can ask the teacher to give you a workload calculation.

More frequently asked questions on Kela’s website.


Impact on the day-to-day life of the students

The corona virus epidemic has a significant impact on the everyday activities of the University and the lives of the students. The decisions of the Government of Finland allow the University of Oulu to ease corona restrictions. The latest and accurate information can be found here

The best way to protect yourself and everyone around you from any kind of respiratory infection is to practice good hand hygiene.

Follow the updates of University’s guidelines for corona virus here.

Electronic Exam rooms

Electronic Exam rooms have been opened partially 14th of May 2020. You don’t need a 24/7-campus card to complete the exam. Contact the course teacher about getting to the exam. If you don’t want to complete the exam in Exam room, contact the course teacher about alternative ways of completing a course


Library is open and the services are available for students. There is also a lot of online services available. Read more about the services and check the opening hours here.

Remote desktops for students

ICT Services of the University have brought into use new remote servers which make possible for students and researchers to use the university’s licensed software remotely without payment. Read more here.

Exchange students

On the 16th of March the Government of Finlandhas advised Finnish travelers to return to Finland immediately. According to the decision made by the University of Oulu 12th of March, the students in exchange are recommended to return to Finland regardless of the exchange destination country. The University of Oulu will reimburse the necessary travel expenses which are not covered by travel insurance or scholarship.

Good hand hygiene must be ensured on the return journey. Those returning from the exchange must stay at home and distance learn 14 days after returning.  The University recommends that students do not leave for student exchange during the spring semester 2020.

For more information about international mobility services contact

Study grant

The regulations regarding the financial aid for students allow the exceptional situation caused by the coronavirus to be taken into account in the maximum time limits for student aid and sufficient progress in studies. If it has not been possible to study, the student may continue to have the study allowance, even if the amount of the studies has not been sufficient. It is possible to extend the maximum period of study grant. Kela will announce other student aid effects separately.

Services of the Student Union

The office of the Student Union is back to normal opening hours. You can visit the office from Monday to Thursday at 10-14, during lunch break at 11-11:30 we are closed. If you have problems concerning studying, living, personal finance or other student life related questions, you can contact the specialists by sending an email to and make an appointment. Contact information for the specialists is available here.

The Vulcanalia festival is unfortunately cancelled. 

Guild Rooms

Guild rooms are back to normal use for students.

If you get sick

If you get any flu symptoms or if you suspect you have coronavirus follow the instructions of City of Oulu. You should stay home if you have mild symptoms.

More information on the FSHS website.

Is your question left unanswered?

 We update this page when there is new information or guidelines. Follow also the information provided by the University and the teachers of your courses. Our goal is to promote the fluency of studying and day-to-day life of students also in this situation.

If you need any guidance, please contact the Specialist of the Student Union via You can find the contact information of the staff of the Student Union here.

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