The impacts of the corona epidemic for students

The coronavirus epidemic has a significant impact on the everyday activities of the University and the lives of students.

This page was last updated June 30th 2021.


Distance education and the actions of the University

Studies will be arranged primarily as remote teaching during the whole academic year, until May 31st 2021. Teaching, that requires physical attendance and exams are arranged by ensuring safety. More information, current guidelines and recommendations as well as information about support services can be found on the University’s website. The entrance doors of the campuses are open from Mon to Fri at 8:00-15:45. During other times access is possible by using the 24/7 campus card. Safe distances must be obeyed and good hang hygiene must be maintained on the campuses. If you suspect that you have been exposed to the coronavirus or you have any flu symptoms you are not allowed to the University’s premises.

Using a face mask is recommended in the University’s areas, especially if several people stay or work in the same space. Safe distances of 2 meters must be ensured. All students are also recommended to download the Koronavilkku mobile app.

Follow the University’s current news here.

Recommendations of the city of Oulu

The city of Oulu is in baseline phase of the epidemic. Using a face mask that covers your mouth and nose is recommended in public transportation, when goin to and waiting the results of corona test, and if you can’t hold a safe distance to other people. Remote work and meetings are recommended when possible.

More information about the situation in Oulu, recommendations and restrictions can be found on Oulu University Hospital website (only in Finnish).

The current guidelines of the city of Oulu can be found here.

In Oulu, everyone aged 16 years or older can book an appointment to get the vaccination. Read the instructions from the City of Oulu website.



The support services of the University can also help you with problems caused by the coronavirus. Read more from the links below.

If you need help planning your studies, contact your Tutor Teacher.

With questions about studies and studying, you can get in touch with Academic Affairs Service Teams.

Study Psychologists can help you with for example, studying techniques, well-being and coping with anxiety.

You can receive support for planning your future and working life from study and career coucelling.


Library services

The University libraries are open with restricted use. Opening hours and current guidelines concerning for example, the use of remote services can be found here.


You can complete exams in the Examinarium as usual. The campus doors are open at 8:00-15:45 which is when you can come to the exam without the 24/7 campus card. If you wish to complete your exam during other times you will need the 24/7 campus card in order to access the campus and the Examinarium.

Remote desktops for students provided by the University

The University has taken remote servers into operation, via which you can use softwares such as SPSS, NVivo, Matlab, CST Studio, Comsol, Mathematica, SAS, Adams and Julia. More information here.

For exchange students

Studying abroad is possible under the travel restrictions set by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

More information about the services of international mobility can be found at

Financial aid for students

Regulations for the financial aid for students enable considering the exceptions caused by the coronavirus in the maximum durations of the financial aid and the necessary progress of studies. If studying has not been possible, the payment of the financial aid can be continued even if the necessary progress of your studies has not been sufficient enough, and the maximum duration of the financial aid can be extended as well. Kela has put together a list of frequently asked questions and answers regarding student’s financial aid and other social benefits.

Services of the Student Union

The Student Union’s office is closed for the summer, and we will make a decision and informa student about our opening hours in August. If you have any problems regarding studying, living, money or anything else related to student life, feel free to contact the experts at OYY by sending an email to The phone numbers and other contact information of the Student Union’s experts can be found here.

We are following the situation and the recommendations of authorities and the University, and we will decide upon the organization of events and trainings as well as our other activities according to the situation. We will inform about any changes on our website as well as our social media channels and our weekly newsletter.

Guild rooms

The guild rooms are in students’ use as usual.

In case of illness

In case you have any flu symptoms or you suspect that you have become infected with the coronavirus, follow the instructions given by the city of Oulu. If you have mild symptoms, stay at home.

More information can be found on the FSHS website.


We will update this page as the situation changes and according to the instructions and practices given by the University. Follow the University’s announcements and the communication of your course teachers regarding studying arrangements. Our objective is to ensure the fluency of studies and take care of students’ everyday life even during these exceptional times.

Whenever necessary, you can contact the experts at OYY by sending an email to The phone numbers and other contact information of the Student Union’s experts can be found here.

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