Miriam Putula and Teemu Virtanen to represent students in the Board of Directors of the University

The decision was made in the Student Council meeting on 12th of October

The Student Council of the Student Union of the University of Oulu elected the student representatives to the Oulu University Board of Directors for 2022-2023. Logopedics student Miriam Putula and biomedical physics student Teemu Virtanen were selected among the six applicants. Other applicants were Riikka Haataja, Ali Heikal, Antero Metso and Anni-Maria Teirikko.

The Board of Directors of the University of Oulu has the highest executive power in the University. Professors, teachers, researchers and other staff are represented in the Board, as are students. There are board members from outside the University community, as well. The Board’s tasks include managing the University’s finances, operations, assets and strategy. The Board approves the University’s significant agreements and regulations as well as selects the Rectors. The Board also has power over education as it annually approves the degree program portfolio, that is, decides on the new degree programs and the number of study places at the University of Oulu each year.

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