OYY is looking for nominations for receivers of the OYY honorary academic decoration

The honorary academic decorations will be awarded at the Student Union anniversary celebrations to honour the work that has been done for the students. We request the nominations on 31th of January at the latest.

The Student Union commemorates distinguished people with honorary decorations. There are four classes of OYY’s honorary academic decorations: a badge of honour, and the first, second and third class medals. By presenting decorations the Student Union has been able to honour different types of work that has been done for students already for five decades since 1965.

The Student Union of the University of Oulu (OYY) is requesting its member organizations to provide their nominations for receivers of the OYY honorary academic decorations. Deadline for the nominations is January 31, 2021. The decorations will be awarded as a part of the Annos 61 anniversary celebrations, which will be held remotely on February 27, 2021.

You can nominate candidates for receiving a decoration with a form, which you can find here. You may nominate several candidates but you must fill out only one form per candidate. So, fill out another nomination form in case you wish to nominate multiple candidates.

The Board of OYY awards the decorations based on its Rules for Honorary Decorations by the proposal of the Honorary Committee. The decision-making will not account for the positions of trust of the nominated candidates which have begun in 2021. Some positions of trust, such as activity in OYY or chairmanship, receive more attention than other merits in the decision-making process.


More information:

Sanna Kangasniemi


040 526 5821

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