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The easiest way to influence the Student Union is by participating in section activities


Joining our activity is easy: see the upcoming meetings and events in our event calendar and join us!

The easiest way to influence the Student Union’s policies and actions is to participate in the sections. In the sections you get to hear the latest news of the student world, discuss relevant issues, and promote a better student life. The sections also support the Board in forming the Student Union’s position, so they are one of the most direct ways to influence the Student Union’s actions, along with the Student Council meetings.

In the Advocacy Section, every student is an expert on education and student life. The Section discusses the current issues related to student life as well as influences the supervision of interest at the University’s level and on a national level. Things are discussed with their real names, stripped of jargon.

The Section comes up with ideas to improve students’ well-being and everyday life including flexible ways of studying and developing the study environments on campuses.

The Section thinks of ways to make students heard at the University, in the city of Oulu, and on a national level. It also learns about students’ health, living, degree structures and the significance of stress calculations, and thinks about how the decisions of the Parliament affect a student’s life. The section is the best place to learn about the developments affecting your studies, that are made at the University and in our society in the near future. Discussions in the section are a valuable part of the Student Union’s advocacy work.

The section also organises events, stunts, briefings and seminars. The working languages are both Finnish and English.

While waiting for the monthly meetings, you can join our Facebook group OYY Advocacy.

Culture Section revolves around the core of student experiences by organizing funny and stimulating events and by seeking exposure for student culture in Oulu.

Is there a small eco activist living inside you? The Environmental Section discusses and takes a stand for a more ecological community and life. It prepares, innovates, discusses, and influences the environmental matters in the Student Union, the University and Oulu region. The Environmental Section innovates campaigns and activities related to our environment and its future.

The purpose of this section is to improve the position of doctoral students as well as their social relations. More information about the section is shared on the doctoralstudents mailing list.

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