How does the Student Union function?

The Student Union of the University of Oulu (OYY) is a self-governing public corporation with its status defined in the Universities Act (Yliopistolaki (558/2009)). The Student Union works under the regulations approved by the rector of the University.

Section 46 of the Universities Act states the following about the purpose of a student union:

The student union liaises with and on behalf of its members and promotes their societal, social and intellectual aspirations and those relating to studies and the status of students in society. The student union also participates in the implementation of the educational mission of the university, referred to in section 2, by preparing students for an active, informed and critical citizenship.

How does OYY function?

The organization model of OYY is based on representative democracy. The members elect their representatives to the Student Council, which has the highest decision-making powers in OYY, and anyone eligible can stand as a candidate. The Student Council appoints the Executive Board to represent themself and to implement decisions.

The Student Union also has various sections that support the Student Council and the Board. The sections are open to all members of OYY and offer an opportunity to bring your opinions forward to the decision-making bodies.

In addition to the Student Council and the Board, also Secretary General exercises political authority in the Student Union. Secretary General is the only staff member appointed by the Student Council, along with the Editor-in-Chief of Oulu Student Magazine. The Secretary General is the head of staff at the Student Union and the link between the OYY and its partners.

The Student Council is the supervisor of your interests. Among other things, the Student Council decides how the membership fees are used. The Student Council represents you in the Student Union.

The Student Council comprises of 37 members and it is the highest decision-making body in OYY. The members are elected through the Student Council elections, which are held every odd year in the autumn. All members of the Student Union can stand as candidates in the elections. The Student Council is lead by the chair of the Student Union.

The Student Council defines the policies of the Student Union and determines the membership fee. Simply put, the Student Council decides how the membership fees are used. The Student Council prepares the budget for the Board and establishes the framework for the activity of the Student Union.

The Student Council also elects the Secretary General and the Editor-in-Chief of Oulu Student Magazine.

The meetings of the Student Council are open to everyone. You are welcome to come and find out what the current issues in the Student Union are and how your membership fee is used.

Janne Kilponen
President of the Student Council
Salla Karhunen
Vice President of the Student Council

The Board consists of 6 to 9 members appointed annually by the Student Council and it is lead by the Chair of the Board. The Board is the executive body of  the Student Union and it implements the decisions made by the Student Council, represents the Student Union, and watches the Student Union’s finances along with the Secretary General and the Economic Affairs Committee.

As a collective, the Board supervises the Secretary General and is responsible for the recruiting of staff, except for the Editor-in-Chief of Oulu Student Magazine and the Secretary General who are elected by the Student Council.

The Board collaborates closely with the committees and sections. The members of OYY can influence the Board’s statements and comments and have their opinions heard in the Board through the committees and sections. The Board also keeps in touch with the subject and interest societies within OYY via kummi activities. All subject societies are assigned their own kummis from the Board.

All eligible members of the Student Union can stand as candidates for the Board. If you are interested in joining the Board, do contact the Secretary General or one of the Student Council’s groups. The Student Council elects the Board for a one-year term at the end of each year. But if you’re interested to sit on the Board, you should be active well in advance!

Eetu Leinonen
Chair of the Board
Tia Rahkila
1. Vice Chair of the Board, Academic Affairs
Jarkko Impola
2. Vice Chair of the Board, Finance
Petra Nieminen
Member of the Board, Social Affairs, Tutor Trainings, International Affairs
Eevasisko Mehtätalo
Member of the Board, Communications, Campus Development
Reeta Mäki-Pollari
Member of the Board, Organizational Affairs
Santeri Siira
Member of the Board, Events

The easiest way to influence OYY’s policies and actions is to participate in the sections. When working in the sections, you get up-to-date news from the student world, get to discuss about relevant things, and do nice things for the student’s good life. The sections also support the Board of OYY in forming the Student Union’s position. This means that sections are one of the most direct ways to affect the Student Union’s actions, along with the Student Council meetings.

You can read more about the sections here.

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