OYY’s guidance on events during the pandemic

Guidance for students and student societies about organizing and attending events during the COVID-19 pandemic


This guideline includes guidance for student societies regarding organizing events. There is also guidance included for students on attending events. We take the corona pandemic seriously and want to help to prevent the second wave to the best of our ability. A significant part of the members of our university community comes to Oulu from outside the borders of Northern Ostrobothnia.

This guideline completes the guidance and recommendations of public authorities. Guidance and recommendations must be followed by the student societies. This guideline will be updated if needed and it can be re-examined on OYY’s website. The guidance has been examined with the administration of the University of Oulu.


The City of Oulu has given new recommendations to control the spreading of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is recommended to use a face mask in all indoor places and events from October 29th until November 12th. The recommendation is also in effect in the University premises. There is also a recommendation to avoid private events of more than 20 people.

OYY’s guidance for the student societies operating within the Student Union:


  • Name a person, who is in charge of hygiene in your event. This person will make sure that the guidelines given by the authorities are followed during the event. This includes taking care of good hand hygiene, using face masks and keeping safe distances.


  • Organizing indoor events (for example in night clubs) is not recommended. Online events are a good way to take care of the sense of communality in your society.


  • Prefer outdoor events. Mark your event on the Oulu Student Magazine’s event calendar on time to avoid different events overlapping. Always check the calendar before setting dates for your events. You can find the calendar here. 


  • Your society must be able to track down all the event participants. The easiest way to do this is to collect an attendance list. The list must be preserved for three weeks in case of tracking possible corona infections. The privacy policy must note clearly that the attendance list can be handed over to third parties (public authorities) if infections occur after the event.


  • If organizing an outdoor event, make sure that events of different societies will be held apart from each other.


  • Serving any food or drinks is not recommended. However, if there will be any catering in your event, serving them separately packed is highly recommended.


  • When planning events, please keep in mind that the recommendations and guidelines from public authorities can change rapidly. Consider alternative solutions already in the planning phase.


  • Open access to guild rooms is not recommended. If your society regardless decides to keep the guild room’s door open, the fulfillment of hygiene regulations and safe distances must be under supervision.


  • The City of Oulu hands out face masks in their health care centers for those in need.

Instructions for students attending events:


  • Do not attend events if you have any symptoms of flu, you suspect that you have been exposed to coronavirus or you have been in contact with a person, who has symptoms. Remember to inform the event organizers if you have to cancel your attendance registration.


  • If you eat or drink at the event please be precise with hygiene and use your own food containers if possible. Do not offer any food or drinks to other people.


  • Take care of good hand hygiene and make sure you know where to wash your hands from the beginning of the event. Always keep a bottle of hand sanitizer with you.


  • Make sure you have a safe distance of 1,5 meters to other people. If maintaining a safe distances is not possible, use a face mask. The City of Oulu hands out face masks in their health care centers for those that can not acquire them by themselves. 


  • Stay with your own entourage throughout the event.


  • Follow the organizer’s guidelines on safety and signing up for the event.


  • Remember that preventing the contagion of coronavirus is our collective responsibility. Take care of yourself and the people around you!
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