Recruitment for OYY’s wellbeing tutors starts now!

OYY got funding for a wellbeing tutor-project from the Ministry of Education and Culture. We’ll start piloting the project this spring and we want you to apply!

Wellbeing tutors will guide students towards different hobbies and interests and lower the threshold for starting those activities. At the same time the tutors will get concrete work life experience, decent wage and different benefits to the hobby of their choice.

Tutors will be divided to four categories:

  1. Culture tutors. Those who are interested about culture (museums, theatre, concerts etc.) can take other students with them to visit those places and give tips about the rich cultural life of Oulu.

  2.  Skill and knowledge tutors. Those who have specific skill or knowledge, and want to share that to others. It’s up to the tutor and students which skill they want to teach. For example the skill can be coding, music or instruments, arts or photography.

  3. Sport tutor. Those who are interested in exercises and want to encourage others to participate in their hobby or try new kinds of exercises with other people. Tutors don’t have to be pro’s in any sport, a positive attitude and the willingness to share that attitude is enough.

  4. General tutor. If the tutor doesn’t have any preferences about the subject of tutoring, it’s possible to be a general tutor.

In this project the goal is to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of students and to increase the feeling of togetherness.


For now we’ll recruit about ten wellbeing tutors. The application period ends on 15th of April at 23:59, and we’ll pick the first tutors already on the 16th of April 2021. We’ll recruit more tutors later to an amount of 40.

A tutor will have at least 10 hours of tutoring per year. Payment for tutoring will be 12 euros/hour. The training will begin as soon as possible.

If you are interested, please apply. You don’t have to be a professional of any sort, a positive attitude is the most important attribute. Past experience in tutoring is considered an advantage in recruiting.

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