Remember to pay the FSHS fee for the spring semester to Kela!

The healthcare fee fo the higher education students is from now on paid to Kela in the beginning of each semester

All students who are studying at the University for a bachelor’s or a master’s degree must pay the FSHS fee for the spring semester to Kela. This does not apply to exchange students, doctoral students or students in the open University. The membership fee of the Student Union that was paid in the Autumn only included the healthcare fee for the Autumn: the healthcare fee for the Spring must be paid separately to Kela. 

The FSHS fee is the same as before but after the change, Kela will collect the payment instead of the Student Union. You can pay the healthcare fee via Kela’s e-service starting in December 2020. Note that you will not get a separate bill, but you will have to pay it by your own initiative. The fee is 71,60 euros for the academic year, and it is paid for one semester at a time. This means you’ll have to pay 35,80 euros for the Spring semester. Paying the fee will be possible on 1st of December 2020 and the payment must be made at the end of January 2021 on the latest.

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The Act on healthcare for students in higher education will take effect on 1 January 2021, and after that the students of universities of applied sciences can start using the FSHS services. The FSHS and Kela have been preparing the extension for a long time. This means a growing number of customers and employees, new service units and an even broader service network. After the FSHS change, you can use all FSHS service units all around Finland. The FSHS also adds a wider range of remote and digital services. The dental healthcare fee will also disappear after the change.

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