Remote teaching challenges the practices of teaching in the University of Oulu

Statement about the quality of studies

In the beginning of the Summer, The University of Oulu decided to continue remote teaching during the first period of the academic year. In the Spring of 2020 the University shifted quickly to remote teaching and according to the University, a small amount of courses could not be entirely converted to remote teaching. Almost a third of the students of the University of Oulu estimated in a survey conducted by the Student Union and the University that their studies had not progressed as planned during the emergency conditions. The students had somewhat differing views on the success of remote teaching and the results varied by faculty. 

As remote teaching continues in the fall, the focus must be on quality rather than managing. Teaching must be versatile, flexible and student-centered in all faculties. The University must offer all students a real chance to participate in teaching to the extent presented in the curriculums. Teaching can no longer be delayed or replaced with solely independent studying. According to the survey by the Student Union, a small portion of students were not able to participate in any remote teaching in the Spring. 

The quantity of lessons set in the curriculums must take place even when the teaching is done remotely. Students should be notified of the possible changes made in the bases of evaluation as soon as possible, and not later than at the start of the course. The possible changes must be aligned with the standard of workload of the ECTS-system and the policy of student identification of the University of Oulu in all faculties. The reforming processes to quality remote teaching require resources and support that must be provided to the teachers in charge of the courses. 

OYY demands that as remote teaching continues, the University of Oulu offers every student access to teaching that is not solely substituted by independent studying. The set amount of teaching in the curriculums must take place even when it’s done remotely. The reforming of courses is secured by providing the necessary work hours and support for the teachers. Shared practices are a necessity to good quality remote teaching and the practices seen last spring are not long term solutions as such. 

Source: Survey about the effects of the emergence conditions by the Student Union (OYY) and the University of Oulu, published on the 19th of May 2020. 

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