Student Council meeting 18.11.

The Student Council discussed the documents directing the activity of OYY and made reqruitments

The Student Council of OYY gathered for their sixth meeting on Wednesday November 18. In the four-hour meeting the documents directing the activity of OYY were handled, for example the Strategy, the Action Plan, the Description of Continuous Action, the Contingency Plan and the Budget. The documents will be further developed based on the discussion of the Student Council and they are meant to be approved in the last meeting of the year, which is held initially on December 8. The finished documents will be published according to the upcoming decisions of the Student Council later this year.

The current strategy term of OYY ends at the end of the year and the new strategy for the term 2021-2025 has been prepared by the efforts of the strategy working group. The Student Council will continue the discussion especially concerning the measure systems of the strategy in the Advocacy Section and in the next meeting of the Student Council.

All students have the opportunity to comment on the Action Plan and the Strategy in the Advocacy Section on Thursday, November 26 at 16:30.


In the last meeting of the year, the Executive Board of OYY and the chairpersons of the Student Council for 2021 will be elected. The application period for these positions is open until November 29. More information about applying can be found here.



Recruitments were also made in the meeting:


Members for the Board of PSOAS for the term 2021-2023: Tiina Strand, Taneli Kastikainen and Antti Tossavainen.

Honorary supervisor: Helka-Liisa Hentilä. The task of the honorary supervisor is to act as a link between the Student Union and the University.

Ushers: Antti Pennala, Salla Karhunen, Emma Ojanen and Miika Salonen. Vice ushers: Lotta Leinonen, Eeva-Kaarina Heikkilä, Tia Rahkila and Sylvia Myller.

Finnish flag bearer: Tom-Erik Toikka, vice bearer: Iikka Kokkoniemi.

OYY flag bearer: Timo Veijola, vice bearer: Aino-Kaisa Manninen.

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