Student Council meeting 4/2020

The Student Council gathers for a meeting on Tuesday 22.9. to select student representatives and discuss the municipal policy program

The next meeting of the Council of the Student Union will take place on Tuesday 22th of September at 5 p.m. After two meetings that were held online, the council will meet in person, of course keeping safe distance to each other.  The meeting is also streamed live to our Facebook-page, so everyone who is interested can follow it from home.

”It’s nice to have a normal meeting, so there will be no technical issues that are always a possibility when having an online meeting,” says the chair of the Council Janne Kilponen. “Of course this meeting has special arrangements too, but we worked on it well in advance.” These arrangements mean for example that the meeting is in a big enough space so keeping safe distances is possible, and all the members of the council have been sent instructions on how to attend the meeting safely.

On the agenda is for example selecting new members to the University Collegium and the Committee of Economic Affairs, establishing a rule committee for the Student Union, and naming the candidate for the chair of the board of National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) for the term 2021. In addition, the Council will discuss the joint municipal policy program of Oulu academic students.

The Student Council is the supervisor of your interests. Among other things, the Council decides how the membership fees are used. The Council represents you in the Student Union. There are 37 member who are selected by the students for 2-year term in the Student Council elections. The next election is in Autumn 2021.


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