Interest Societies

You can find like-minded people and new inspiration for your free-time activities from interest societies

There are a number of colorful interest societies actively working at the University. These societies are open to all the students at the University of Oulu. You can find like-minded people and new inspiration for your free-time activities.

Formula Student Oulu
FSO designs and builds a race car for an annual engineering competition.
Skills and talent gained by participating is internationally very valued.
Projects done with several different people develop each person’s cooperation and design skills.

Oulu Arctic Gaming
OAG connects students interested in competitive gaming.
Creates a society where it easy to find company for competitions and other gaming sessions.
Offers different gaming servers and arranges competitions between students in Oulu.

Oulun Akateeminen Mölökky- ja Kyykkäseura
OAMK organizes mölkky and kyykkä practices which are open for all.
Arranges mölkky and kyykkä competitions, such as Oulu Kyykkä league and World Cup of Kyykkä.
Goes on an excursion to Kyykkä Worldcup, which is held at Tampere.

Oulu Entrepreneurship Society
OuluES advances an entrepreneurial attitude, skills and culture.
Encourages, develops and links people through entrepreneurship.
The main themes of the society are curiosity, learning new things and networking.

Oulun Goonpellaajat
OGP offers intellectual challenges for example, in the form of the board game Go.
Go is an ancient two player board game that demands creative thinking.
Organizes game nights three times a week. Joining the club is free.

Oulun Yliopiston Metsästäjät
OYM arranges shooting practices and hunting opportunities near Oulu.
Offers training and evening hangouts with congenial company.
Also hiking and hunting trips and wilderness themed competitions.

Oulun yliopiston partiolippukunta Soopa
SOOPA is the scout group for the students and alumni of the University of Oulu.
Events of the society include hiking, camping and all sorts of scout related fun.
No previous scout experience is needed to participate.

Oulun yliopiston roolipelikerho CRYO
Purpose of CRYO is to advance the hobby of role-playing and board games in Oulu.
Arranges game nights which are open for all.
Also Maracon weekend events about four times a year.

Pohjanmaan akateeminen maanpuolustusseura
Surely one of the most brisk and youthful army reserve societies.
PAM offers shooting, exercise, treks and congenial company among other things.

Formerly known as the society of the Reserve officers in the University of Oulu.

Oulun akateeminen olutseura
OAOS is a society specialized in beer culture and brewing.
Arranges monthly meetings, excursions and seasonal events.
Also beer tastings and evenings involving brewing beer.


Oulun korkeakoulujen taidepiiri Tapiiri
In Tapiiri one can get to know other art enthusiasts.
One gains new experiences in a creative atmosphere and can keep a routine in creating art.
Organizes excursions to museums, hangouts and exhibits of the works of their members.


Teekkarikuoro TeeKu
TeeKu is student choir that performs in variety of events.
Founded by engineering students but open for all students at the University of Oulu.
Repertoire consists of easy listening, drinking songs and traditional songs of engineering students.


Oulun yliopiston raskaan musiikin ystävät ÖRMY
ÖRMY carries out a diverse range of activities involving heavy music.
Organizes hangouts at the club room, band and bar nights and festival picnics.
Nurtures the knowledge about heavy music and brings heavy music fans together.


Oulun Ylioppilasteatteri
OYT produces 4-6 plays annually and offers a wide range of training to its members.
Meets other theaters at the Student Theater Festival, which is organized annually somewhere in Finland.
Is seeking actors, producers, directors, graphic designers and writers for the member magazine.


Pahki produces annual interdisciplinary PahkiSpeksi.
Speksi is a scripted play that includes music, dance, student humor and improvisation.
Join in making the speksi, having fun and getting a lot of new friends.


Rattoradio is a student radio ran by students in Oulu.
One can listen to Rattoradio every Wappu.
Members get to know the basics of radio broadcasting and audio technology.


Studio Korppikela
A free-form film group specializing in the production of independent films.
All of the group’s productions are freely available on the association’s Youtube channel.
Organizes a literary and pop culture event Kummacon.


A student brass orchestra that performs actively in different events and parties.
Instruments involve wind instruments and drums.
The orchestra is looking for new members who know how to read notes.


Oulun ylioppilaskamerat
Connects students of the University of Oulu who are interested in photography.
The society arranges courses and the members have access to two darkrooms.
In photo nights the works of members and professionals are exhibited.


Ylioppilaskunnan sekakuoro Cassiopeia
The Student Union’s mixed choir Cassiopeia is a high-class and ambitious choir.
Cassiopeia cherishes academic traditions by singing drinking songs.
Diverse program involves for example Finnish modern choir music.

Akateeminen Frisbeekerho
Advances frisbee sports and creating academic traditions around them.
In the focal point are discgolf, Frisbeer and in cooperation with Disquitos: Ultimate.
AFK organizes tournaments, leagues and excursions concerning frisbee sports.

Ultimate is a fast paced team frisbee sport.
Disquitos organizes Ultimate frisbee hobby activities in Oulu.
Arranges tournaments and takes part in other tournaments around Finland.

Oulu Irish Elks GAA
Team focuses on gaelic soccer.
The team is highly international and players come from a wide range of backgrounds.
Trains with a laid-back attitude. Main point is to enjoy exercise.

Oulun yliopiston urheiluseura
Sport society for the students of the University of Oulu.
A wide range of different sports.
For example beach volley, judo, ice hockey, rugby, volleyball, floorball and orienteering.

Ystävällinen kaunohiihtoseura
YKHS advances the hobby of downhill-skiing among students of the University of Oulu.
The grand part of the activities are the annual trips organized for the members.
Trip destinations involve Ukkohalla, Hemava Student Ski and the Alps.

Meteli is the society of archaeology students in the University of Oulu.
Organizes shared events between archaeology staff and students.
Upholds a mailing list where news concerning the field are shared among all members.


European Geography Association – for Students and Young Geographers.
Encourages sharing, networking, volunteering and alternative informal peer-learning.
Organizes congresses, cultural exchanges, seminars, training events and geographical study trips.


Loimun opiskelijat Oulu
LuOpiO is a local student organisation of the trade union Loimu.
Organizes a stand once a month in an event organized by a natural science guild.
Any member of the trade union Loimu who is studying at the University of Oulu can join.


Oulun yliopiston Vesiteknillinen yhdistys
Society for technology students interested in water engineering.
Organizes hangouts, parties and study trips for its members.
Biggest events are excursions and Christmas parties.

A youth organisation which offers opportunities to find and develop your leader potential.
Believes everyone has the ability to change the world – even if they don’t know that themselves.
Offers international internships and project work both in Finland and abroad.

Erasmus Student Network Oulu
ESN Oulu organizes free-time activities for international students.
Even though they are not a subject society, they have their own blue overalls which one can buy.
By participating one gets to meet people all over the world.

Network of International Students in Oulu
NISO is an association founded by international degree students.
Arranges a range of diverse international events.
In the events one can find new friends and improve their language and conversation skills.

Oulun seudun Pohjola-Nordenin nuoret
OSPNN organizes events related to Nordic countries, their culture and languages.
One gets to taste Nordic cuisine and develop their Swedish.
Offers opportunities for travel and work in the Nordic countries.

Oulun seudun YK-yhdistys
OSYKY raises knowledge about the goals and activity of the United Nations.
Advances international consensus and peaceful cooperation.
Organizes workshops, seminars and movie nights among other things.

Association for students who have an emotional bond to Savonia or Karelia areas in Finland.
Offers their members activities of Savonian and Karelian tradition.
For example baking nights and all sort of events.

Oulun Etelä- ja Keskipohjalainen osakunta EPO
EPO is the Student Nation of South and Central Ostrobothnia.
Organizes all sorts of fun for its Ostrobothnian-minded members.
Events include board game and movie hangouts, Christmas parties and summer excursions.

Oulun yliopiston kainuulainen opiskelijayhdistys Kaeno
Kaeno is an association for students who have ties to Kainuu.
Organizes fun hangouts and connections homeward.
Also exercise opportunities and pleasant company.

Oulun Evankeliset opiskelijat
A Christian organisation that gathers students with different backgrounds.
In the hangouts one finds new friends and hears teachings of Christian life and the Bible.
Activities include exercise possibilities, Bible clubs, game and movie nights and camping.

Oulun ev.lut. Opiskelija- ja Koululaislähetys
OPKO arranges Christian activities for new and current students.
One can get to know themselves better, meet other students and learn more about Christ and faith.
Provides Bible teaching, camps , sports, outreach and more.

Oulun Keskustaopiskelijat
OKO is an organization for students in Oulu who support the Finnish political Centre Party.
Inflicts interest in students to be active members in society.
Drives for better studying opportunities and equality during studies.

Oulun Kokoomusopiskelijat
A student organization based on the political themes of the Finnish National Coalition Party.
Promotes benefits for university students.
Encourages taking action in the Student Union and actively influencing in the society.

Oulun Opiskelijoiden Sosialidemokraattinen Yhdistys
The Social Democratic Student Association of Oulu, also known as OOSY.
Offers its members a great opportunity to participate in joint activities and student politics.
Organizes various activities that focus on student politics and different kinds of changing themes.

Oulun Vihreät Nuoret
A student organization based on the political themes of the Finnish Green League.
Advances the quality of life and equality through green principles.
Important values involve preserving natural resources and diversity of the nature.

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