Interest Societies

In the societies you can find like-minded people and new inspiration for your free-time activities

There are a number of colourful interest societies actively working at the University. In the societies, you can find like-minded people and new inspiration for your free-time activities.

Oulun akateeminen mölökky- ja kyykkäseura i.e. “The Academic mölökky and kyykkä club in Oulu”
aka OAMK, organises open practices in the two sports called mölökky and kyykkä to anyone interested, every Sunday throughout the year. The club also organises competitions in these sports and runs the “Kyykkä league of Oulu” during the terms. All students and graduates at the University of Oulu can apply for a membership.

Oulun yliopiston roolipelikerho (Cryo) i.e. ” Club for role-playing games at the University of Oulu”
The idea behind the club for role-playing games has always been to promote role-playing games in Oulu, and to find other players. CRYO provides the settings for students who are into role-playing games to meet each other in get-togethers and film nights. The club also organises a game weekend, called Maracon, twice a year.

Oulun yliopiston metsästäjät (OYM) i.e. ”Hunters at the University of Oulu”
OYM arranges shooting practises and opportunities to hunt. They also organise hiking and hunting trips, campcraft competitions, trainings, and a nice way to spend an evening with like-minded people. You can contact the board of the association at

Pohjanmaan akateeminen maanpuolustusseura i.e. ”Academic defence association in Ostrobothnia”
This association is one of the liveliest and most youthful organisations for reservists in the Oulu region. The association offers for example shooting, physical exercise, trips and like-minded company to its members.

Oulun yliopiston partiolippukunta (Soopa) i.e. ”Scout troop of the University of Oulu”
SOOPA is the scout troop for the current or former students at the University of Oulu. SOOPA organises hiking and camping trips, and also other kinds of scouts’ fun. You don’t have to have earlier experience from scouting.

Cassiopeia – mixed choir of the University of Oulu Student Union
Cassiopeia is a high-quality and musically ambitious choir, founded in 1978. Most of the singers are students of the University of Oulu. The choir cherishes Finnish academic traditions by singing drinking songs, but their wide repertoire includes also modern Finnish choir music.

Oulu University Chamber Orchestra
is a string orchestra that was founded in 1984. There are 30 active amateur musicians in the orchestra, who are mostly students or staff at the University of Oulu. The orchestra gives two concerts annually, and also performs in other events.

Teeku – choir for technology students in Oulu
Teeku was founded in 1993, and has been singing in various University and student events ever since. The members of the choir are mostly technology students, some have already graduated, and some brave humanities students have also joined the choir. Don’t hesitate to join, if you’ve got the urge to sing happy songs in great company!

Teekkaritorvet i.e. ”Technology students’ wind band”
Teekkaritorvet wind band, founded in 1970, is one of the interest societies functioning under OYY. The most entertaining wind band in Oulu is a frequent performer in various events and festivities. Our joyously multidisciplinary line-up of woodwind, brass and percussion players ranges from freshmen to PhDs. New players are welcome all around the year. If you can read music and play a wind instrument or the drums, show up with your instrument at Sorvarintie 5, 90530 Oulu, at 6 pm on Thursday for one of the best ways of getting to know some Finns!

Ylioppilaskamerat i.e. ”Student cameras”
The club wants to bring together students who share an interest in photography. The club has two darkrooms for all the members to use. The club hosts ”photo evenings” every third Thursday of each month, where the members gather to watch photos taken by the members and some guests. The guests are professionals or experienced amateurs who come to share their work. The club organises darkroom courses and other training according to the interest of the members.

Student Theatre of Oulu
The Student Theatre of Oulu holds their clubhouse in the Culturehouse Valve. They produce about four plays a year, organise courses and participate in the city’s cultural activity. The Student Theatre is the club for you, if you want to learn new things and express yourself, whether it be through acting, writing, directing, graphic design, light and sound technics, costume design, make-up design or set design.

Oulun korkeakoulujen taidepiiri Tapiiri ry
Tapiiri ry is an art club for the universities of Oulu, established in the fall of 2017. Weekly meetings in the university central restaurant are good opportunities to get to know other artists, learn and teach in a creative environment and have a routine in making art. For its members, Tapiiri organizes excursions to museums, eventful get-togethers and exhibitions of members’ works. Everyone is welcome to join, regardless of skill-level!”

The Oulu University Friends of Heavy Music ÖRMY (Facebook:
The Oulu University Friends of Heavy Music ÖRMY, founded in 2014, is a registered association under the Oulu University Student Association OYY. Its purpose is to be a place where members of the Oulu University, past or present, can gather around a common topic, heavy metal. ÖRMY is an interdisciplinary association, meaning students and staff from all the disciplines are welcome to join. ÖRMY is a non-profit, apolitical and nonreligious association

Academic Beer Society of Oulu
Academic Beer Society of Oulu (abbreviated OAOS) is an association of the Student Union of the University of Oulu focusing on beer culture. OAOS was founded in 2011 and became a registered association in 2013. The purpose of the society is to promote beer culture and disseminate information on brewing. The society organises various events and upholds connections to other beer societies and the Student Union of the University of Oulu. The events organised by the society include monthly meetings, brewery visits and seasonal beer tastings. A reputable person accepting the purpose of the society can be admitted to a membership in the OAOS. Particularly welcome are the students, alumni, and staff of the University of Oulu. The society gathers together beer aficionados ranging from students to academics.

The University of Oulu sports club
Ystävällinen Kaunohiihtoseura i.e. “Skiing club”

Disquitos ry (Facebook: /

Ultimate is a team sport in which players seek to score points by passing a Frisbee to a teammate over the opposing team’s goal line. Disquitos organizes Ultimate Frisbee training throughout the year on grass, sand or indoors depending of the season. Everyone who is interested in team sports and having fun are warmly welcome to play with us!

Akateeminen Frisbeekerho ry (Facebook: AFK ry)

AFK’ss purpose is to advance frisbeesports, create and preserve their academic traditions and bring together people interessted in disc-sports in the academic circles in Oulu. The main focus is on Discgolf, Frisbeer (a game with it’s roots in Oulu Uni) and in co-operation with Disquitos ry, Ultimate. All sports played with discs are in the scope of AFK, though. Throwing clinics and co-operation with PowerGrip is arranged for members. AFK arranges tournaments and leagues as well as excursions in the scope of flying discs.

IEEE Student Branch
The IEEE, short for The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc., was established at a time when electricity was something new and exciting. Today, the IEEE is the world’s largest professional association for the advancement of technology. It has almost 400 000 members, in 175 countries, and there are almost 1400 student members in the Student Branches. The association’s activity in Oulu can be divided into two: professional and recreational activity. The professional activities include corporate visits, excursion abroad, conferences, scholarships, writing competitions and student-friendly prices for branch magazines.

Lääketieteen tekniikan opiskelijat (OLTO) i.e. ”Students of medical technology”
An appropriate society for example for the students of technology, natural sciences or medical and wellness technology.

Meteli – for the students of archaeology
Meteli is a society for the students of archaeology at the University of Oulu. The society is a mouthpiece for the students, and it informs the students of current issues in the field. Meteli organises for example “feedback days” for students and staff, and it maintains a mailing list, which informs archaeology students of happenings in the field and at the University.

Oulu Student Enterpreneurship Society ry 
Since 2010 Oulu Student Entrepreneurship Society ry (OuluSES) has been working hard towards inspiring and enabling the next generation of entrepreneurs. We encourage students from all schools to pursue their dreams and provide them with the platform and framework for testing and improving their skills. Not everyone here even wants to be an entrepreneur, but an entrepreneurial way of thinking and the ability to innovate are highly valued skills in working life.

So our action plan consists to a large part of throwing events where students can meet future mentors and network with like-minded people. Our events range from networks and talks, to more hands-on workshops. Our activities are open for all. Come to our events or involve yourself in our organizing team.

AIESEC is the world’s largest student association. It offers international internships, and projects in Finland and around the world. AIESEC is a non-political and non-profit organisation, and its mission is to promote responsible leadership and broad-mindedness in the future leaders.

Network of International Students in Oulu (NISO)
NISO is an organisation established by international degree students. It organises events where all students are welcome. The events include sports and other interests, parties and evenings with different themes, such as international movie nights or international dinner nights. You can find new friends in the events, and they are a good opportunity to practise your language and communication skills. You can also get a valued entry to your CV from participating in the activity of the organisation.

ESN Oulu
We focus especially on organizing free time activities for internationally minded students. Our goal is to bring you closer to the Finnish life and make your stay in Oulu as fun and memorable as possible. Our section is part of Erasmus Student Network that consists of more than 400 local sections in 36 countries and supports and develops student mobility. ESN is open to all students – whether they are Finnish or foreign, degree or exchange students! Events are open for all! If you are interested in networking in international atmosphere you are more than welcome to join us!
Facebook: ESN Oulu , Twitter: ESN Oulu

At Café Lingua & Language Games evening, you can practice new languages without long lectures, homework and tests. Do you need to improve your language skills? Or maybe you would like to teach someone how to speak your native language? Activities take place nearly every week. If you have any questions, visit Café Lingua Facebook page

Oulun Etelä- ja Keskipohjalainen osakunta (EPO) i.e. “South and Central Ostrobothnian students’ club in Oulu”
is a students’ club for everyone who hails from the southern or central Ostrobothnia. The club organises fun free-time activities in good company, and cherishes the local dialects of South and Central Ostrobothnia.

Oulun yliopiston kainuulainen opiskelijayhdistys (Kaeno) i.e. “Student Association for students from Kainuu region at the University of Oulu”
Kaeno is an interdisciplinary student association that offers fun parties, friends from back home, sports opportunities and good company to everyone who shares the spirit of Kainuu!

Oulun Keskustaopiskelijat (OKO) i.e. ”Students’ Centre party in Oulu”
The Centre party wants to activate students to social activity especially in their study environment. Their aim is to improve opportunities to study and to promote parity in studies.

Oulun kokoomusopiskelijat i.e. ”Students’ Coalition party in Oulu”
The aim of the Student Coalition party is to promote the interests of students in institutions of higher education, participate in the activity of the Student Union, and train their members to social activity, all based on the Coalition party’s ideology.

Oulun Opiskelijoiden Sosiaalidemokraattinen Yhdistys (OOSY) i.e. ”Social democratic students in Oulu”
The Social democratic students aim at promoting the interests of students in institutions of higher education through the Student Union in the University of Oulu, and also on national level, by being part of the national social democratic students’ umbrella party. The party ideology values humanity over intolerance, and solidarity over selfishness.

Oulun Vihreät Nuoret (OVN) i.e. ”Young Greens in Oulu”
The aim of the Young Greens is to activate young adults to influence society with green principles, to promote the quality of life and parity in society, and to protect the natural resources and nature’s diversity.

Evankeliset opiskelijat i.e. ”Evangelical students”
Henkireikä i.e. ”Lifeline”
Kansanlähteyksen nuoret aikuiset i.e. ”Young missionaries”
Oulun ev.lut. Opiskelija- ja Koululaislähetys i.e. International Fellowship of Evangelical Students in Oulu
Oulun körttiopiskelijat i.e. ”Revivalist students in Oulu”
Evangelical Lutheran parishes in Oulu

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