The call for student representatives has been continued – apply now!

The call for student representatives of the University of Oulu has been continued until the 28th of Nov.

Student representatives, who are also called hallopeds, represent students in the university’s decision-making. The Board of OYY has decided to continue the call period until the 28th of Nov 2021 due to changes in the University’s systems, e.g. Peppi. Hallopeds are currently sought for nearly all organs of the University of Oulu, faculties, and working groups that operate at the FSHS and university restaurants. 

Hallopeds attend meetings and express students’ views on the issues discussed. Hallopeds co-operate and receive support from other hallopeds, subject societies and OYY. There are more than two hundred hallopeds at the University of Oulu, and they have an impact on matters varying from the management of the University to the individual degree programs. Hallopeds are also involved in the decisions of FSHS, campus restaurants and UniOGS.

See more info on halloped work: 

Hallopeds benefit the student societies advocacy also. For instance, hallopeds of faculties’ organs cooperate closely with the management of said faculty, and connections as such help the organisation to advance matters that are important to the organisation. In addition to the faculties, the University Collegium requires two hallopeds from each faculty to ensure equal representation. 

Appointments are made by OYY’s Board or the Student Council on the basis of applications at the beginning of December. The two-year term of the selected hallopeds begins at the beginning of 2022 and OYY will train them for the task. The university pays meeting fees and gives study credits for some of the positions.


Call for student representatives 

For all students of the University of Oulu

Apply at, application period 18.10.–28.11.

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