The campus vision work will continue in the Autumn – there is still time to answer the survey

The task of the campus entity vision working group is to create a vision for the future of the entire University during 2022. The working group started their work in the spring of 2022.

The working group is not about the location of the campus, but about what kind of campus will best serve the University of the future. The vision work takes into account the different groups using the University campus, such as students, researchers and other staff. In addition, the special needs of different disciplines are discussed.

The working group has sent a survey to the entire university staff and students to gather the opinions of the community. A good number of responses have already been received from student societies and staff, but even more views from individual students are needed to support the work.

“Students are the largest group in the University community, so their voices should be heard in the vision work. Each answer is valuable, because the answers to the questionnaire directly serve as a basis for creating the vision,” says Lotta Leinonen, Chair of the Board of OYY, who chairs the vision working group.

The themes of the survey include the needs for study and work spaces, and the realization of sustainable development on the University campus of the future.

The working group has consulted experts during the spring and met a total of five times. A report on the soon-to-close survey will be prepared during the summer, and the work of the working group will continue in August. The campus vision is scheduled for completion by the end of October.

Respond to the survey on 26th of June at the latest and influence the vision of the future of the University of Oulu (use your university ID to log in): 

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