The opening event of the academic year Vulcanalia is cancelled due to the corona virus situation

The University of Oulu’s opening event of the academic year Vulcanalia is cancelled this year due to the corona virus situation. The event was supposed to take place the 9th of September 2020. The Vulcanalia day consists of two parts: Vulcanalia Student Fair and Vulcanalia Festival. Neither of these events will be organized this year. The Executive Board of the Student Union of the University of Oulu has done a difficult decision in it’s meeting on 25th of June 2020. Cancelling the event feels like the only responsible option in the present situation.

OYY has been following firmly the ongoing corona virus epidemic throughout the spring. The epidemic has brought many changes to Finnish society. The big events and festivals have been cancelled one by one. OYY has weighed the opportunities to organize Vulcanalia in every phase of this unusual situation. Even tough the circumstances with the virus have settled down here in Finland, the epidemic however isn’t over. Because it is not possible to anticipate the behaviour of the virus, the Executive Board of OYY has made a decision in it’s meeting 19/2020 to cancel the event for this year. The reason for the cancellation is a concern about the possibility to organize an event as big as Vulcanalia safely.

“We have done a massive amount of work to make Vulcanalia 2020 great for every student and member of University staff, so naturally the decision feels hard. Vulcanalia has been a celebration for the whole academic community for 25 years. The event has a status as a party that you go to and meet your friends after the summer whilst enjoying quality festival programme. The meaning of Vulcanalia is also great for the new students: many have found a hobby for themselves from Vulcanalia Student Fair. However the corona virus has made the production of the event extremely unsure, so the decision of whether to organize the event or not, had to be made. We will not risk anyone’s health: not the event visitor’s, staff member’s or artist’s.” says OYY’s Events and Associations Specialist Katariina Sarja.

Also the University’s alignment of organizing the majority of teaching online affected on the decision. The remote studies have an essential impact on the Student Fair.

The decision was made after a long consideration. Vulcanalia’s production had already proceed far and the upcoming event would have been very high-class. The situation however is affected by the University’s, Regional State Administrative Agencies’ and the government’s alignments and based on these we ended up cancelling the event. The decision was definitely not easy, because the even’t purpose on building the communality in the university is very important. However also in this situation we put everyone’s health ahead of everything else.” comments the Chair of OYY’s Executive Board Eetu Leinonen.

The philosophy of Vulcanalia is communality, and every year it gathers thousands of students and staff member’s of the university together. Even tough the cancellation is a disappointment, OYY’s working group has already their eyes on the year 2021. The hope is that after the gap year the opening event if the academic year will be even bigger than before.

Vulcanalia is organized by the Student Union of the University of Oulu. OYY is an advocacy organization for every student studying a basic examination in the university of Oulu. The Student Union works everyday for a good life of a student for it’s 11 000 members.

Additional information

Jarkko Impola (30.6.-24.7.)

The 2nd Vice Chair of the Executive Board


Katariina Sarja (27.7. eteenpäin)

Events And Associations Specialist

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