Torchlight Procession will be held again on Independence Day!

The traditional torchlight procession will be organised on 6 December, 2021. The procession departs from the Market Square’s Toripolliisi Statue at 5pm and moves through Rotuaari to the Oulu Cemetery in Intiö.

The Student Union of the University of Oulu (OYY) once again organises the students’ torchlight procession on Independence Day. It was first organised in 1951 by the Student Union of the University of Helsinki, after which the tradition spread to other student unions in Finland. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the tradition.

Torchlight processions are the oldest and most respected traditions in student unions. The students’ torchlight processions have respected their fellow students who fell in the war and Finland’s independence.

In Oulu, the torchlight procession used to take a route from Rauhala to the Oulu City Hall, where the Maamme song was sung, led by the student choir Cassiopeia. The procession then typically made its way to the war graves at the cemetery in Intiö.

In previous years, students have gathered after the procession to watch the Independence Day Reception together, enjoying mulled wine and playing bingo about the Reception.

In 2020, the torchlight procession could not be organized, but OYY celebrated independent Finland and respected the long-standing tradition with a remote torchlight procession.

This year, the procession will start its journey at the Market Square’s Toripolliisi. Participants should be there at 4:30 pm, which is when the torchlights will be lit. The procession departs at 5 pm.

This year, the procession makes a stop at the Rotuaari stage, where Cassiopeia will perform. After that, the procession continues its journey to the Oulu Cemetery, where we will put a wreath on the war grave and have a singsong. In addition, the Chair of OYY, Olli Joki, will give a speech in honour of the occasion.

The event is open to everyone, and you can also come to follow the procession with children. Remember to dress warmly! If possible, wear dark outerwear and a upper secondary graduation cap. You can buy an OYY cockade for your upper secondary graduation cap from the OYY office for 2 euros

The first 100 participants will get a torchlight procession overall patch.


More information about the procession:

Kati Kantonen, Event producer

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