Uniresta took on the challenge of OYY, a total donation of 10,000 euros for Ukraine!

Uniresta, whose restaurants include Kastari and Medisiina, has raised a donation of 5,000 euros for Ukraine. During the aid campaign for Ukraine in April and May, customers were able to donate humanitarian aid for Ukraine. In addition to the donations from these customers, Uniresta decided to add to the sum so that the grand total of the donation is 5000 euros. Uniresta is a company owned by students: it is 100% owned by OYY.

At their April meeting, OYY Student Council decided to donate 5,000 euros to Ukraine. So, in total, we have raised a donation of 10,000 euros! 

The donation is made through the Finnish Red Cross. The help of the Red Cross in Ukraine is e.g. supplies for health care, first aid, hygiene items and clean water. The Finnish Red Cross has also delivered a complete health station to the city of Uzhorod.

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