Virtanen and Joki elected to lead the Student Union in the year 2021

The Student Council elected the leadership of the Council and the executive Board in their meeting on Tuesday 8.12.

The Student Council elected Teemu Virtanen as the Chair of the Student Council in their meeting 8.12.2020. Olli Joki was elected as the Chair of the Board.

Virtanen is 27 years old, and studies Biomedical physics. This year he has been a Member of the Board in the National Union of University Students in Finland, and in 2019 he was the Vice Chair of the Board in OYY. Eerik Silvén was elected as the Vice Chair of the Student Council.

Olli Joki, the new Chair of the Board, is 23 years old student of economics. He has prior experience as a member of the Student Council and student presentative in the University. In the Student Council meeting, a new strategy for the years 2021-2025 was confirmed, and Joki wants to start implementing it right away in the Student Union. “I’m worried about the mental health and coping of the students in these times. It is not a new problem, there has been a lot of discussion about it in the last few years. In this time of remote studying and restrictions it has grown even more,” says Joki. he takes care of his own well-being by reading and relaxing with music and sports.

Members of the Board in the year 2021 are Emma Hulkkonen, Sara Al Husaini, Ida-Maria Juntunen, Salla Karhunen, Tia Rahkila, Vivek Manjunatha Swamy and Jukka Turunen. The Board will elect two Vice Chairs in their first meeting in the beginning of January 2021.

The Student Council is the highest decision-making body in OYY. it elects the executive Board, which is responsible of the everyday action of the Student Union and implements the decisions made by the Council.

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