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OYY’s office

At our office you can take care of your mambership and student card issues, as well as ask advice if something in the student life is troubling you. The OYY office is located at the heart of the Linnanmaa campus area, on the corridor that begins at the 2T entrance and near the green coat racks.

Erkki Koiso-Kanttilan katu 1, 2T-door,
1. krs 90570 Oulu PL 250,
90014 Oulun yliopisto

+358 40 525 5562

How to reach us

Our office is closed in the Summer between 21 June to 6 August


Our office is open from Monday to Thursday 10 am to 2 pm (closed during lunch break 11-11:30)


Membership and student card


Studying, freetime and financial aid

The Board

The Board of the Student Union is chosen annually, and their task is to use the executive power of the Student Union and implement the decisions and action plan made by the Student Council. 

The Board, led by the Chair of the Board, represents the Student Union, and it is responsible for the day-to-day work and advocating for students together with the specialists.

Anton Kostiainen

Chair of the Board

Stakeholders, ownership steering, finances

Tel. 040 523 1821

Eveliina Tiusanen

1. vice chair of the Board

International Affairs

Tel. 0504078451

Vilma Sippola

2. Vice Chair of the Board

Social Affairs

Tel. 0503621249

Jakov Lubenets

Member of the Board

Academic Affairs

Tel. 040 864 3363

Aino Uitamo

Member of the Board

Social affairs

Tel. 0504079489

Juuso Säkkinen

Member of the Board

Student Societies

Tel. 040 523 0091

Manta Mankinen

Member of the Board

Events and communication

Tel. 0504078224

Tuukka Lehtinen

Member of the Board

Events and communication

Tel. 0504078431

The Staff

OYY’s staff manages the day-to-day life of the Student Union, advocates for students’ rights and supports OYY’s Board in their work. Students and student organisations alike can turn to our specialists with different problems and questions they face.

You can contact our staff directly via the contact information below, or send a message to, and your message will be directed to the right person.

Kauko Keskisärkkä

Secretary General

Administration, finances, stakeholders, planning

Tel. 0405231822

Nina Vuorenmaa

Office Secretary

Membership, student cards

Tel. 0405255562

Mikko Hakoniemi

Specialist of Academic Affairs

Study attainments, study right, requesting for rectification, plagiarism

Tel. +358 40 5257 821

Essi Leinonen

Specialist of Social Affairs

Livelihood, wellbeing, housing

Tel. 0405265821

Liisa Komminaho

Communications Specialist


Tel. 0400381321

Viljami Viinikka

Community Specialist

International affairs and societies

Tel. 0405200557

Tuuli Heikura

Editor-in-Chief of the Oulu Student Magazine

Tel. 0405267821

Katri Jämsä

Event producer


Tel. 0504078452

The Student Council

The Student Council consists of 37 members, elected in the Council elections every other year. The Council elects the Chair and Vice Chair of the Council yearly.

Karoliina Kokko-Tollola

Chair of the Student Council

Greta Mäntykangas

Vice Chair of the Student Council

The Student Council

Get to know the members of the Student Council and the decisions of the Council here!

The Student Council

Harassment contact persons

OYY has harassment contact persons, who support students who face bullying or harassment. The conversations are always confidential. You can contact the harassment contact persons via, or use the personal contact information below.

Essi Leinonen

Specialist of Social Affairs

Tel. 0405265821

Kauko Keskisärkkä

Secretary General

Tel. 0405231822

Viljami Viinikka

Community Specialist

Tel. 0405200557