The organisation guide

The organisation guide contains information for organisations operating within OYY. Here you will find information and tips, whether you are a new or an experienced active in an organisation!

Joining OYY as an organisation

Organisations working within OYY are entitled to the Student Union’s specialists’ guidance, financial aid, and other services. Organisations within OYY also get to have an introduction text published in the organisation listing on the website.


A student organisation working in the University of Oulu may join OYY by sending an informal application to OYY’s Community Specialist. The rules of the organisation, a valid action plan and a budget should be attached to the application if available. The Board of the Student Union processes the applications during their meetings and makes final decisions regarding membership based on the following criteria:

During their meeting on 12/2018 20.5.2018, the Board of OYY set new criteria for organisations working within OYY.


  • The organisation must be a registered society
  • 50 % or more of the organisation’s official members must be members of OYY
    • Starting from 2019, while applying for financial aid from OYY, organisations must provide proof of the aforementioned criteria being fulfilled.
  • The organisation commits to OYY’s values (transparency, courage, efficiency, communality and sustainability)
  • The activities and principles of the organisation must be acceptable for OYY
  • The work of the organisation must not be in conflict with OYY’s strategy or equality and diversity plan
  • Interest societies’ activities must be open for all members of OYY
    • If an interest society’s activities are not open for all members of OYY, the organisation must give a reason to justify the restricted participation. There may be a justifiable reason for an organisation’s activities to be targeted towards, e.g., a certain group. The reason shall be given to the Board of OYY who will exercise discretionary decision-making on the matter.


The Board of OYY may request for clarification from the organisation regarding the criteria above.