Internationality is visible in everyday life on campus. The university has several international degree- and exchange students. Additionally, the University of Oulu is a part of multiple international cooperation schemes through which students can, e.g., take courses or go on an exchange.

More information about international cooperation:

UNIC University network

Other international networks

Student exchange

Various exchange study programmes around the world are available for students to have a change of scenery! More information can be found on the university website and from your study programme’s international affairs coordinator.

There are several exchange study programmes, and you may also find your own exchange study spot. The duration of your exchange study period can vary from three months to even a year in total. You may also participate in shorter exchange programmes which are partially completed remotely. You may go on an exchange more than once, and you can also go abroad for a traineeship. An international traineeship combines internalisation and gaining work experience.

It is recommended to plan ahead for your exchange and/or traineeship abroad in order to get as much out of it as possible. You can find more information about grants, exchange destinations and other matters related to student exchange on the university website and from international affairs coordinators.

Exchange studies on the University website

International traineeship in the University website


Language studies


The University of Oulu’s Languages and Communication offers versatile language studies. Each faculty has its own subject-specific language courses.

Language studies in the University

Additionally, The Summer University of Northern Ostrobothnia offers studies in rarer languages. In certain circumstances, students of the University of Oulu are able to participate in the Summer University’s courses.

Language studies in the Summer University

International Oulu

It is also possible to gain international experiences from home! You may participate in organisations’ international activities, tutor international students, participate in international events held in Oulu or brush up your language skills in Café Lingua.


Student Societies

Tutoring international students

Cafe Lingua