Services for members

All Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students are members of the Student Union. Exchange students and Doctoral researchers may also join.

Specialist services

Members of OYY may request for guidance and support from our specialists in various study and student life related problems.

The Specialist of Academic Affairs provides assistance, e.g., in cases of delayed course assessment or unsatisfactory quality of teaching. Support is also provided in questions related to study right or extended study right, requesting for rectification and matters related to suspected plagiarism.

Mikko Hakoniemi

Specialist of Academic Affairs

Study attainments, study right, requesting for rectification, plagiarism

The Specialist of Social Affairs provides support for students in matters related to wellbeing. Students may request for guidance, e.g., in questions related to housing or free time. The Specialist of Social Affairs also provides assistance in navigating matters related to livelihood and financial aid, such as considering income limits, what kind of financial aid a student is entitled to, and what to do if your study grant is suspended.

Essi Leinonen

Specialist of Social Affairs

Livelihood, wellbeing, housing

The Community Specialist works in collaboration with student organisations and provides guidance, e.g., in founding of new organisations, revision of regulations, and matters related to data protection. The Community Specialist is also involved in international matters and provides support for international students, e.g., in obtaining university grants and becoming a part of the university community.


More information about the services for societies

Viljami Viinikka

Community Specialist

International affairs and societies

Legal services

The members of OYY have a possibility to get legal guidance, which is paid by the Student Union. You can get advice on any legal matter.

The students may contact legal services on every month’s second Wednesday at 14.30-16. You can either call +35845 184 6979, send an email to or visit the office on those hours If you need guidance remotely, you may receive a time either by phone or by email. Be ready to show your student card!

Contact information:

Lakitoimisto Ahola & Haataja

Pakkahuoneenkatu 15 A 10, 90100 Oulu

Guidance days of spring 2024:





Loan fund

OYY may provide its members small loans for relief in temporary financial problems. The loan amounts to 200 euros, and the repayment period is four months. The loan can be received once per study term. The loan is interest-free, but the repayment amount includes a processing fee of 8,40 euros. To receive the loan, two guarantors are required.

The loan application should be returned to the OYY office during office hours. Normally the lending decision is made immediately upon receiving the application. The loan application form can be picked up from the Student Union office or downloaded via the link below. Note that you are required to fill out the Member loan application and the Guaranty agreement. More information and repayment instructions can be found in the instructions attached to the Member loan application on the Documents page on our website.



During the academic year, OYY sends out a weekly newsletter which can be subscribed to by students and anyone interested in the Student Union’s activities. The newsletter has information about events, services, surveys and possibilities to influence the Student Union and university’s activities and operations.