The funding is targeted towards all student groups and societies working in the University of Oulu.

Fund your project

The Universitas-funding can be applied for for projects that aim to forward studies, to support internationalisation or to develop students’ working life skills.

The funding is targeted towards all student groups and societies working in the University of Oulu. It is considered preferable that the funded projects include collaboration with university organs, such as faculties, subjects or other student groups.

The funding has previously been granted for, e.g., special courses, excursions and events. The funding is not intended for space rental fees at the university. The Universitas-funding can be granted for a project only once. It is hoped that the projects should be long-term and funded by other sources after the Universitas-funding.

Funding criteria

  • the project supports studies, working life relevance and internationalisation
  • the project is nonprofit
  • all students within the organisation, subject or the university have an equal opportunity to participate within the registration period and the maximum number of participants
  • when successful, the project can continue with other funding
  • the project is new and not a part of the continuous operations of the organisation or the university
  • the project has not received project funding from the Student Union
  • it is considered preferable for the project to include collaboration with, e.g., a subject, other organisations or businesses

How to apply for the funding?

The funding decisions are made by the Universitas-steering group which consists of representatives from the university and the Student Union. The steering group evaluates each application on a case-by-case basis and exercises discretionary decision-making.

The funding can be applied for continuously. The steering group processes each application as it arrives. A few weeks should be allowed to process the applications.

  • How to apply

    The funding is granted based on informal applications. Applications should be sent via email to universitas@oyy.fi and must include:

    • the name of the project
    • the organiser and the project coordination
    • description of the project
    • project timetable
    • goals
    • target group(s)
    • possible collaborators and their contact information
    • continuation of the project
    • human resources
    • the applied amount budgeted
    • the contact person

    For assistance in drafting of the application and budget, contact OYY’s Community Specialist (yhteiso@oyy.fi).

The person responsible for the approved project drafts a closure report describing the final realisation of the project and the budget. The closure report must be submitted by an agreed-upon deadline.