Do you wish to give feedback to OYY, the University, student restaurants or others? Here you can find instructions and links to give feedback!

Course feedback

You can give feedback on courses via Peppi. The system works based on course registrations, so students are able to give feedback on all courses that they have registered for. Continuous feedback can be given throughout the course, and the teacher also collects feedback at the end and possibly in the middle of the course. The feedback is pseudonymised, meaning your identity is not visible for the recipient. The university is legally obligated to collect course feedback, but giving it is optional. It is very important to give course feedback, as teaching is developed based on it.

More information and guidelines on giving course feedback on the university website

Student restaurants


Juvenes and Uniresta are the operators of the student restaurants on the University of Oulu campuses. Both accept direct feedback on certain locations or generally.

Feedback to Juvenes (in Finnish) 

Feedback to Uniresta (in Finnish)



Do you live in PSOAS housing? Give feedback! Note that repair and maintenance requests are sent via a different system.

Feedback form on the PSOAS website



You can give feedback on FSHS’s services anonymously, or with e-identification if you wish to receive a response. If you are unhappy with your care or treatment, you can contact the patient ombudsman who will assist you in how to proceed.


Feedback form on the FSHS website

The patient ombudsman’s contact information on the FSHS website



Do you wish to give feedback, thanks or suggestions regarding the Student Union’s operations? We are happy to receive feedback in order to improve further! You can send the feedback with the form below. Remember to fill in your contact information if you want us to answer to your feedback!

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