Lists of decisions


From this page you can find lists of decisions of the Executive Board and the Student Council.


The Board has a meeting approximately once a week during the semester, and the Student Council has meeting approx. 7 times in a year. The lists of decisions will be published on this page as soon as possible after the meetings. The official minutes are also public, and you can find them from the material bank as they are ready.

If you need more information about the decisions, you can contact the Chair of the Board (, the Chair of the Student Council ( or Secretary General (

  • Lists of decisions of the the Executive Board

  • Lists of decisions of the Student Council

    Student Council meeting 3/22, 14.9.2022
    • The Council stated their line-up after the Summer holidays.
    • Lotta Leinonen was appointed as a candidate for SYL presidency. Iikka Kokkoniemi was appointed as a candidate for SYL Board membership. The General assembly is in November.
    • First delegates for the SYL General Assembly were nominated:
      • Emma Hulkkonen
      • Joonatan Salminen(pova)
      •  Laura Putkinen (pova)
      • Janne Kilponen(teta)
      • Tia Rahkila (teta)
      • Jarkko Impola (teta)
      • Anni Vakkuri (led)
      • Jaakko Vähämäki (led)
      • Maria Ollila(tiet)
      • Vilja Tervo(tiet)
      • Olli Joki (kok)
      • Leea Putula (kexi)
    • New Student representatives for the University collegium were elected.

      Aku Foreman was elected as a member and Swagata Saha as their vice member. Lotta Nikunen was elected as a vice member for Emma Hulkkonen.

    • The Council has a discussion about the policy paper. The  work on the paper continues.