Lists of decisions


From this page you can find lists of decisions of the Executive Board and the Student Council.


The Board has a meeting approximately once a week during the semester, and the Student Council has meeting approx. 7 times in a year. The lists of decisions will be published on this page as soon as possible after the meetings. The official minutes are also public, and you can find them from the material bank as they are ready.

If you need more information about the decisions, you can contact the Chair of the Board (, the Chair of the Student Council ( or Secretary General (

  • Lists of decisions of the the Executive Board 2023



    • We decided that OYY’s Annual Ball will be held on 24th of February 2024. 




    • We chose a communications intern for the Autumn semester. 




    • We confirmed the new standing order about Student Union’s sections. 
    • We chose Jere Tapio as our new Academic Affairs specialist. 




    • We chose a translator intern for the Autumn semester.
    • We decided to take part in Oululainen teekkariseminaari by arranging a workshop about influencing as a student.




    • OYY’s office is closed on week 10.
    • We chose new hallopeds and opened additional halloped calls.




    • We prepared Student Council’s meetings agenda.
    • We decided to take part in Oulu Pride.




    • We decided to sign SPOL’s (Finnish Psychology Students Organisation) statement regarding the possibility for psychology students at the University of Oulu to complete the psychology subject teacher’s qualification without losing the opportunity to complete the psychologist’s qualification.




    • We chose an editorial trainee for the Spring.
    • We confirmed OYY’s parliament election objectives. 




    • We awarded academic honorary decorations based on propositions of student societies.



    • We are taking part in the Machine Engineering Guild’s laskiais event.
    • We decided to get a new printer. 
    • We are taking part in SYL’s opening seminar from 9th to 10th of Feb.




    • Katri Jämsä was chosen as the new event producer.
    • HPJ Salminen was elected as general meeting representative for Uniresta oy (vice member HVPJ Hakoniemi).
    • The representatives for the meetings of the sister communities’ associations were chosen as follows:
    • OSNA – HJ Matti and HVPJ Holmi (vice members HJ Forsman and HJ Reinola)
      • Northern Ostrobothnia Summer University Association – HVPJ Hakoniemi (vice member HVPJ Holmi)
      • Opiskelijan Oulu ry – HJ Kostiainen
    • The call for translator intern was opened between 19.1.–12.2.
    • The call for communications intern was opened between 19.1.–12.2.
    • Named as student representatives for the Artic Five Students’ Team:
      • Members: HJ22 Iikka Kokkoniemi and HJ Zaikovskaia
      • Vice members: HJ Forsman and HJ22 Lotta Ellonen
    • It was decided to participate in organizing the opening of Wappu. HJ Forsman was named to take part in working group of opening of Wappu. 
    • A Student Union ribbon was awarded to former employees Kangasniemi and Kantonen as a token of a friendship.



    • The composition of the Board was established.
    • It was decided to convene the Board during the previous day, but in an urgent situation with a shorter notice.
    • Hakoniemi was elected as the 1st vice-chair of the Board and Holmi as the 2nd vice-chair.
    • The responsibilities of the Board members were decided as follows:
      • Hakoniemi: Academic affairs
      • Holmi: Social affairs and ”We enhance equality” action plan project
      • Matti: The elections and the ”We influence” action plan project
      • Kostiainen: Organizations
      • Zaikovskaia: Internationality
      • Forsman: Events
      • Reinola: Communication and sustainable development and ”We develop” action plan project
    • Chosen as society kummis: Hakoniemi, Forsman and Kostiainen.
    • Oulun Opiskelevat Kokoomusnuoret was accepted as an organization operating within the Student Union.
    • The participants for the Value Seminar were decided. The seminar is held on the 17th of Jan. 
  • Lists of decisions of the Student Council 2023

    Student Council meeting 7/2023


    • The Council noted the members working in the board and vice members coming to their place
    • Reading of the action plan for the year 2024
    • Reading of the budget for the year 2024
    • Student Council elected Anton Kostiainen as the Chair of the Board for the year 2024
    • Student Council elected the members of the University collegium for the term 2024-2025
    • Student Council elected the flag bearers and heralds for the year 2024

    Student Council meeting 6/2023


    • The Student Council voted for the confidence of the board.
    • The Council elected the board. Suvi-Anna Salminen continues as the chair of the board. Mikko Hakoniemi, Katri Holmi, Elli Reinola, Anton Kostiainen, Aku Forsman, Aapomikko Matti, and Eveliina Tiusanen continue as board members.

    Student Council meeting 5/2023


    • Central electoral committee and Rauhala-club (OYY alumni organisation) presented their current issues.
    • The Council heard the final report of Hurmos. 
    • The Council elected Teemu Virtanen and Lotta Leinonen as the student representatives for the University Board of Directors for the term 2024-2025.
    • The Council elected Eetu Leinonen and Iisakki Tapaila for the PSOAS board for the term 2024-2025.

    Student Council meeting 4/2023


    • The Council noted the resigned members and new members coming to their place
    • The Council heard the current news from the board, inspector and central electoral committee
    • The Council heard the current news and presentation about the work of The University Board of Directors from Teemu Virtanen, a student member of the Board of Directors
    • Delegation members for the National Union of University Students of Finland (SYL) General assembly were elected. Following people will represent OYY in the meeting: Leea Putula, Karoliina Kokko-Tollola, Suvi-Anna Salminen, Salla Karhunen, Janne Kilponen, Greta Mäntykangas, Tia Rahkila, Katri Holmi, Jarkko Impola, Maria Ollila, Iikka Kokkoniemi and Lotta Ellonen.
    • OYY Board will choose the vice members of the delegation
    • Three new vice members for the University Collegium were elected

    Student Council meeting 3/2023


    • The Council noted the resigned members and new members coming to their place
    • The Council decided to elect new members to the OYY Board. The application period was on 30.6–6.8.2023. The applicants were Abdallah Alrefaie, Aino Uitamo, Aino Urpiola ja Eveliina Tiusanen. The Council decided to elect two new members and after a vote Eveliina Tiusanen and Aino Urpiola were elected.
    • A new vice member for the University Collegium was elected. After a vote Maari Kytöharju was elected.


    Student Council meeting 1/2023


    • The Council noted the resigned members and new members coming to their place
    • SYL-kummi Jenny Kasongo visited to tell the current issues 
    • New employees, event producer Katri Jämsä and Community Specialist Viljami Viinikka introduced themselves
    • The Council chose Santtu Mäenpää as the new vice member of the University Collegium
    • The Council discussed the background memo of the policy paper
    • The Council heard the current issues from Uniresta
  • Lists of decisions of the the Executive Board 2022

    Board meeting 32/22
    • It was decided to renew the layout of Oulu’s student magazine to meet current needs by turning it into a periodical, and the printing contract with Punamusta Oy was approved and a new advertising sales contract are approved.
    • Decided to open call for trainees for the Oulu Student Magazine. Call is open until 15.1.2023.
    • Filled some student representive positions and continued the call for others.
    • Marked as noticed council meeting 6/2022 conversation and decisions.
    • Student council gave a wish to the board in council meeting 4/2022 to open up different terms used in the policy paper. Document for this was approved and will be brought up in council meeting 1/2023.
    • Thanks for the whole year and pleasant next year for everyone. Wishes the student union board 2022!


    Board meeting 31/22
    • Approved the member count of student union
    • Marked as noticed the resignment of Specialist of Academic Affairs Rossi.
    • We chose as a new Community Specialist Viljami Viinikka
    • Decided to open Event producer search in week 50 and to be ended in 8.1.2023
    • Discussion about anniversary ball budget and decided to raise ticket prices. Price raise is because of raise of food prices.
    • Decided to continue co-operation with law firm Ahola & Seppälä.
    • Approval of TES-dayoffs 2023
    • Approval of society funding.
    • Jarkko Impola was chosen as a substitute for Secretary general, as Secretary General Keskisärkkäs paternity leave is from 9th January to 12th March 2023.


    Board meeting 30/22
    • Meeting was held during student council meeting 6/2022. Board were ready to go through things that were represented during meeting.
    • Marked as noticed decisions of council meeting and claimed as board’s propose, council member Impola’s propose for doctoral reseacrhers student union fee.


    Board meeting 29/22
    • Taking Visma sign as a electrical signing provider
    • Nominated honorary work group
    • We went thourgh student council 6/2022 agenda. Items are: investment policy 2022-document approval, approval of action plan, budget, student union payment fee, board ribbon and the establishment of a tied fund will be brought to the student council.


    Board meeting 28/22
    • We filled open halloped positions.
    • O’Diako will be with us planing Hurmos
    • Conversation about parental leave of secretary general
    • Marked as noticed 5/2022 student council meeting conversation and propouses that came.
    • We went thourgh student council 6/2022 agenda. Items are: Choosing Helka-Liisa Hentilä as inspector. Also we propose that student council chooses chair of student council and vice-chair of student council, board of the student union 2023 and chairs of the and members of finance committee and election committee.
    • We’ll continue applications for Jäätävän hyvä opettaja.
    Board meeting 27/22
    • We went through the meeting matters of the student council meeting 5/2022. A presentation on the invitation of an honorary member, the board ribbon and the election of the president of the student union board, pallbearers and flag bearers will be brought to the meeting.
    • SYL’s general assembly delegation was completed and the power of attorney was approved.
    • There was a discussion about the asset management transfer process between Seligson and LähiTapiola and how it has progressed. It was concluded that, after updating the investment policy document, it would be good to organize a comparison for the portfolio in order to obtain comparable offers from the market. We will sign the indefinite contract sent by LähiTapiola.
    • We reviewed the Periferia statement on internships and decided to participate in publishing it at the agreed time.
    • It was decided to open applyment for the YHTS delegation
    • We started planning a visit to the Finnish parliament.
  • Lists of decisions of the Student Council 2022

    Student Council meeting 6/22
    • The Council heard the current issues of the Board.
    • The Council heard the current issues of the Wellbeing project and the results of the feedback survey.
    • The Student Council elected Helka-Liisa Hentilä as the inspector for the years 2023-2024. 
    • The Student Council elected Leea Putula as the Chair and Karoliina Kokko-Tollola as the Vice Chair of the Student Council for the year 2023.
    • The Council heard a presentation of the investment strategy and the updates for it.
    • The Council accepted the action plan for the year 2023. The action plan will be added to the documents page shortly.
    • The Council decided that the membership fee for the year 2023 will be the same as before, EUR 57 per academic year. The Membership fee for doctoral researchers will be EUR 40 per academic year.
    • The Student Council elected the Board of the Student Union for the year 2023. The persons elected are Mikko Hakoniemi, Elli Reinola, Anton Kostiainen, Aapomikko Matti, Katri Holmi, Daria Zaikovskaia and Aku Forsman. 
    • The Council elected the Chair and three members for the Committee of Economic Affairs for the years 2023-2024. The Chair will be Lotta Ellonen and the members are Joona Pulkkinen, Minttu Varis and Eetu Leinonen. 
    • The Council elected the Central electoral committees Chair and members for the year 2023. The Chair will be Tiitu-Lotta Paju and the members are Maria Ollila, Tia Rahkila, Jaakko Vähämäki and Kati Korteniemi. Vice members are Aleksanteri Heikkinen ja Tapani Laine.
    • The Council decided to change the rules for honorary decorations and add a Board ribbon. The current and previous members of the Board and Student Council presidium are eligible to wear the ribbon.
    • The Council decided to establish the Aapo-Apu committed fund. The goal of the fund is to support the mental, social and physical wellbeing and continue the tradition of the late Oulun ylioppilasapu ry’s support for students.
    Student Council meeting 3/22
    • The Council stated their line-up after the Summer holidays.
    • Lotta Leinonen was appointed as a candidate for SYL presidency. Iikka Kokkoniemi was appointed as a candidate for SYL Board membership. The General assembly is in November.
    • First delegates for the SYL General Assembly were nominated:
      • Emma Hulkkonen
      • Joonatan Salminen(pova)
      •  Laura Putkinen (pova)
      • Janne Kilponen(teta)
      • Tia Rahkila (teta)
      • Jarkko Impola (teta)
      • Anni Vakkuri (led)
      • Jaakko Vähämäki (led)
      • Maria Ollila(tiet)
      • Vilja Tervo(tiet)
      • Olli Joki (kok)
      • Leea Putula (kexi)
    • New Student representatives for the University collegium were elected.

      Aku Foreman was elected as a member and Swagata Saha as their vice member. Lotta Nikunen was elected as a vice member for Emma Hulkkonen.

    • The Council has a discussion about the policy paper. The  work on the paper continues.