Organisations guide

The organisation guide contains information for organisations operating within OYY. Here you will find information and tips, whether you are a new or an experienced active in an organisation!

Financial aid

OYY offers annual financial aid for organisations working under it. The total amount of the approved financial aid is determined by the Student Union’s Council of Representatives, and the financial aid is granted by the Board of the Student Union. Also, the Board approves of the financial aid criteria for each year, based on which the aid is granted. Previously, financial aid has been granted for, e.g., communal activities, and the organising of events and feedback days.

The criteria for receiving Society Grants:

● The members will commit to OYY’s values (openness, courage, effectiveness,
communality, and sustainability)
● The society’s activities and principles can be accepted by OYY
● The society’s activities are not in conflict with OYY’s strategy or the equality and
diversity plan
● The society will use OYY’s event calendar, remind its members to subscribe to
OYY’s newsletter, and OYY will be visible in the grant receiving society’s
communication in accordance with good grant conventions (e.g. on their website
& social media)

● The society’s representatives will regularly attend the society trainings hosted by
● The society’s financial manager has received training for their task and the
society’s board is on top of the society’s financial situation
● At the society’s events, equality and accessibility are taken into consideration
● International students are able to participate in the society’s activities
The society is not a political party association (Act on Political Parties § 8 b Restrictions on support)

Fulfillment of the criteria may affect the society’s grant amount for the following year. More information about applying, criteria and the purpose of the grants can be found in the document below. The application period in the year 2024 ends on 19th of May at 23:59.