There is a lot of opportunities to find new friends and hobbies within the University community. You can take part in the activities within your own field or have some interdisciplinary fun!

Join in the student activities

In the University you can find many different Student Societies, who gather together the students of a certain field. Other societies have formed around a certain hobby or interest. The Student Union organises events as well, and with the wellbeing tutors you can try out new hobbiel like attends culture events, do sports or learn new skills.

Opportunities for international activities are available with the societies, exchange studies or other international activities at home!

International University community

Internationality is visible in everyday life on campus. The university has several international degree- and exchange students. Additionally, the University of Oulu is a part of multiple international cooperation schemes through which students can, e.g., take courses or go on an exchange.


Equality and Diversity at the University

OYY promotes equal and diverse study environment in the University of Oulu. Everyone has the right to take part in studes as well as in free time activities safely, without being bullied or harassed.

Equality and diversity