Wellbeing tutoring

Wellbeing tutoring is peer guidance for students to provide each other guidance and help, and it is available for all students of the University of Oulu. Students are able to do physical activity, improve their knowledge and skills, and experience culture. The activities are organised according to students’ interests, so we are happy to receive suggestions! Tutoring enables you to get to know new people, learn new skills. and find a long-term hobby according to your preferences.

Most tutoring is completely free of charge for students. In activities subject to a fee, we have typically been able to negotiate discounts and other benefits, such as guided tours behind the scenes and special opening hours, with collaborators.

  • Culture tutoring

    You can experience the culture of Oulu and the students. Recurring cultural activities include, for example, the Drama Club organized on Tuesdays and the International Film evening on Thursdays.

  • Skill- and knowledge tutoring

    You can try many different things. Recurring events include academic reading on Wednesdays, Asian cooking on Tuesdays, knitting circle on Thursdays and various hanging out and board game nights. In addition, the wellbeing tutors organize several different art and craft activities!

  • Sports tutoring

    Do you want to try new sports, for example academic kyykkä on Sundays? It’s easy to try out new sports in exercise tutoring, or you can participate in the badminton games organized on Tuesdays and Saturdays or the regular weekend football!

  • Want to become a wellbeing tutor?

    We recruit new wellbeing tutors mainly twice a year, in the fall at the beginning of the semester, and at the beginning of March.
    The wellbeing tutor receives comprehensive training and an hourly wage of 12 euros. The wellbeing tutor can cooperate with, for example, other wellbeing tutors or organizations.
    The wellbeing tutor must be either a student or a doctoral researcher at the University of Oulu.

Wellbeing tutoring is a project that started in 2021 and is funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The aim is to lower the threshold for students to find preferable free time activities and hobbies. The project is overseen by the Wellbeing coordinator at the OYY office, and the tutoring is carried out by trained wellbeing tutors.

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Information about participation and influence

  • There has been over 6500 participations to the activities!
  • Around 2,000 students have already participated in the activity.

Feedback survey 2022

  • Almost 80% of the respondents felt that the project has improved their mental health.
  • Almost 50% of respondents feel that their physical condition has improved.
  • About 60% said they found new friends through the project
  • Almost all respondents recommend the project’s activities to other students as well.
  • About 85% either agreed or completely agreed with the statement: ”I have found something meaningful for myself with the help of the wellbeing project”.

Timi Kärki

Project coordinator,

Wellbeing tutoring