Organisations guide

The organisation guide contains information for student societies operating within OYY. Here you will find information and tips, whether you are a new or an experienced active in an organisation!

Student societies in the University of Oulu

Student organisations within the University can join OYY, and get the benefits of the services like guidance, events and trainings, and financial aid.

Work as an active in an student organisation can teach you useful skills for working life. Additionally, you get to organise activities you enjoy, and to meet new people! There is different roles within the organisations like the Chair, communications manager or event manager. You can use the skills you already have or learn completely new ones!


More information about the organisations working within OYY can be found from our website.

Student Societies


Are you an active in a student society and your contact information, social media account or website has changed? Contact and we will update your contact information on our website and email lists!