Networks and skills for the working life

You can find a wide range of activities within the Student Union. Through participating in the activity of the subject or interest societies, students can get the sense of belonging in the University Community.

The OYY supports the activity of the societies listed in the OYY register of societies with grants, training and guidance. Any organisations that comprise mostly of OYY members can join the OYY register of societies.

  • You can join the list by notifying the Specialist in International Affairs and Student Societies of your interest in joining.
  • NB! The societies already in the register should update their information in the society portal in the beginning of each year in order to remain in the register. (And keep their right to receive the grants and participate in the trainings.)

If you’ve got any questions about organisational activities, contact the Specialist in International Affairs and Student Societies at

All in all, there are about 40 subject societies and about 50 interest societies at the University of Oulu. Also, almost all of the faculties have their own umbrella guilds.

All the messages and announcements for societies are posted on the subject society and interest society mailing lists. In order to receive current messages and invites to trainings, at least one of the board members of the society should subscribe to the appropriate mailing list. You can subscribe (or unsubscribe) to the mailing list at or by informing your email address to the Communications Officer at
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