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Student Societies

OYY supports Student societies with trainings, guiding and grants.

The criteria for associations operating within the Student Union

  1. The association must be a registered association
  2. Out of the association’s members 50% or more must be members of the Student Union
  1. The association is committed to the Student Union’s values (openness, courage, effectiveness, communality).
  2. The association’s activities and principles must be such that OYY can accept them
  3. The association’s activities are not in conflict with OYY’s strategy and the equality and non-discriminatory plan
  4. The activities of interest societies must be open to all members of the Student Union.

The Board of the Student Union may request that an association provides a clarification based on the aforementioned criteria.

To join OYY’s student societies contact OYY’s Specialist of events and communities (ttya@nulloyy.fi).


Society portal is where it’s at

The Society Portal is where you’ll find anything and everything to do with the subject and interest societies. Through the portal, you can download the most important documents, sign up to take part in events and trainings, and file a grant application. If your society doesn’t have access to the portal yet, contact the Specialist of events and communities (ttya@nulloyy.fi

OYY Bulletins

Open positions: Chair of Section of Supervision of Interests, Chair of Section of Cultural Affairs and Chair of Section of Environmental Affairs

Read more:  http://www.oyy.fi/en/10765/

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