Student Union of University of Oulu

OYY brings students together in events, advocates for students’ right at the University and the society, and offers individual advice when needed.

Make the most out of student life

As a member of the student union, you get to enjoy the benefits and discounts and our services. You can take part in events and join the vide variety of student activities available!

Current issues

Harassment contact persons

You can contact harassment contact persons if you face or witness discrimination, bullying or harassment.

More information about equality within OYY and the University

Essi Leinonen

Specialist of Social Affairs

Tel. 0405265821

Kauko Keskisärkkä

Secretary General

Tel. 0405231822

Viljami Viinikka

Community Specialist

Tel. 0405200557

What is going on at the campuses?

From the event calendar you’ll find events organised by OYY and many other student organisations! From the Oulu student magazine website you’ll catch the latest news.

Event calendar

Oulu Student Magazine

Freetime activites and new friends

There are a lot of different student societies within the University community. Guilds, or subject societies, gather the students of a certain study field. Interest societies are focused on a certain hobby or activity, and both organise a vide variety of events for their members. Join in, you’ll find new friends and fun for your free time!

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