Anniversary week is held from 18th to 25th of February, come join us!

OYY was founded in the autumn of 1959 to nurture the mental well-being of students and to advocate their economic welfare, as well as to promote education, morality and order. The Student Union has organized various events, looked after students’ everyday life and built student housing. Today, the student union has been operating for more than 60 years, representing students in Oulu and supervising their interests.

OYY’s anniversary is celebrated for more than a week. Anniversary celebrations start on Saturday February 18th with the anniversary sitsit on the Linnanmaa campus. The week of the 63rd annual ball is full of a variety of programs and activities that are open to all members of the student union. 

OYY’s anniversary ends with the ANNOS 63 Annual Ball on Saturday, February 25, 2023. The Annual Ball is a celebration for all students at the University of Oulu, where they eat and drink well, give speeches and sing in accordance with the academic tradition and in a handsome setting. In addition to the great celebrations, Annos also annually awards academic honors awarded by the Student Union to deserving members of the organizations operating in OYY. The dress code for the anniversary is a black tie and academic decorations.


Saturday 18.2.

Anniversary Sittning

Time: beginning at 17

Place: Central lobby on Väylä, Linnanmaa campus

The anniversary week begins with sitsit, which are cross-disciplinary and celebrated in Linnanmaa hallway Väylä. The registration has ended.


Monday 20.2.

Coffee with Sumppa

Time: 12-14

Place: Green racks, Linnanmaa campus

Come to meet OYY’s chairperson Suvi-Anna Salminen and enjoy coffee while having a chat.

Tuesday 21.2. CHANGE!

Change in Tuesday’s Anniversary week’s program:
Time: 12-14
Place: Konekilta’s Kasarilaskiainen, Raksila
Greetings and sweets from Academic Affairs!
Due to misfortunate cancellation you can come to Raksila instead of Linnanmaa to meet our specialist of Academic Affairs Jere

Wednesday 22.2.

Wellness tutoring spectacle

Community artwork: 10-14 orange racks, Linnanmaa; 11-13 Kieppi lobby, Konginkangas

Magician: 11-13 orange racks, Linnanmaa

Wellbeing tutoring project is celebrating: Wonder the magic and participate in community artwork!


Thursday 23.2.


Time: 10-14

Place: Green racks, Linnanmaa campus

Free waffels and good company along the Väylä!


Friday 24.2.

OYY Birthday cakes

TIme: 11-13

Place: Green racks, Linnanmaa campus & Kieppi’s lobby, Kontinkangas

Come and eat cake to celebrate the 63rd birthday of the Student union of University of Oulu. Cake is served for the first 200 people in Linnanmaa and the first 100 people in Kontinkangas.


Saturday 25.2.

Annos 63 -Anniversary Ball

Time: beginning at 16

Place: Restaurant Pekuri, after party at Ilona

Dinner card can be bought at Kide.App until Sunday 19th of February.

Anniversary week’s celebrations come to an end at the Anniversary Ball, which is held in Restaurant Pekuri. More information and the menu:


Sunday 26.2.

Anniversary breakfast

Time: 12-16

Place: Helmi at Restaurant Pekuri

The ticket for the Anniversary breakfast can be purchased at Kide.App until Sunday 19th of February. More information and the menu:

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