We are looking for new student representatives of administration!

We are looking for student representatives in the University, faculties and UniOGS. Apply before the 17th of September!

In the University of Oulu students are represented by student representatives. They are also called hallopeds (from Finnish ”hallinnon opiskelijaedustaja”, which translates to student representative). A student representative is the voice of students in decision making. There are more than a hundred student representatives in the University of Oulu. They have in the University’s governance ranging from the Board of Directors to Degree Programme Committees.

During this round we have multiple vacancies in the university, faculties and UniOGS.

  • The University level positions
    • Student Wellbeing Working Group (0+4)
    • Restaurant Working Group of Uniresta (0+1)
    • Restaurant Working Group of Juvenes (0+1)
    • Sustainable Development Working Group (0+1)
    • Equality and Diversity Working Group of the Faculty of Technology and the Faculty of Sciences (0+1)
    • Equality and Diversity Working Group of the Faculty of Education and Psychology, the Faculty of Humanities and Oulu Business School (0+1)
  • Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine: 
    • Faculty Board: 1+2
    • Faculty Education Committee: 0+1 
  • Faculty of Medicine:
    • Faculty Board: 0+2
    • Faculty Management Group 0+1
    • Faculty Education Committee 0+1
  • Faculty of Sciences:
    • Faculty Board: 0+3
    • Faculty Education Committee 0+2
  • Faculty of Education and Psychology:
    • Faculty Education Committee 0+1
  • Faculty of Humanities:
    • Faculty Board 0+1
  • Doctoral Training Committees (UniOGS):
    • Doctoral Training Committee of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (DTC ITEE): 2+0
    • Doctoral Training Committee of Health and Biosciences (DTC HB)  1+0

The working groups meet approx. 2-5 times in a semester, and the meetings last 1-2 hours. Students are eligible to gain ETCS from participating. Student representatives in faculty boards, management groups and education committees as well as doctoral programme committees are paid a fee of 41,20 euros per meeting.


The Board of the Student Union of the University of Oulu names the student representatives in September, and the work starts in October. Eligible for the organ are those Student Union members who have left their application within the application period and have enrolled in the University of Oulu by 17 of September. 


The chosen representative must be present as a student at the University of Oulu and a member of OYY during their representative term. In faculty level positions the applicant also has to have their primary study rights in said faculty. Previous experience is not necessary. We hope for applications from students from different backgrounds and stages of studies. So you can apply whether you were a first or fifth year student!


In your application, please tell us your major, the stage of your studies and other experience that may affect the selection. Also describe your personal goals and motivation for the representative role. Applications shall be submitted to this announcement by 17 of October 2023 at 23.59. 

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