Student Unions provides fun all around the year

Members of the Student Union can enjoy fun events throughout the academic year. The academic year begins with Hurmos, the biggest student party of the year. Then on the Finnish Independence Day in December we march by torchlight through the city centre. In February, we celebrate the Student Union’s anniversary.

Hurmos is the opening event of the academic year for Oulu university students. Finland’s largest academic year opening will be held together in Oulu with the student union of the University of Applied Sciences OSAKO. The event brings together the entire academic community in Oulu.

For the new students Hurmos is primarily about getting to know the universities and the whole community. The event is a great opportunity to get together with your fellow students to celebrate the start of the new academic year.

The next Hurmos will be celebrated 8th and 9th of September 2022. Current information about the event on Hurmos’ own website.

The Torchlight Procession is one of the oldest academic traditions. The event is open for all OYY’s members and alumni. The procession gathers at the Toripolliisi statue in the market place. The destination is the war hero memorial at the cemetery of Intiö. The procession will pause on its way and listen to Student Union’s mixed choir Cassiopeia perform.

Löyly is an event targeting particularly international degree students in the University of Oulu. The goal of the event is to provide practical advice, tips and information aimed at helping international students in their search for a career in Oulu upon graduation. In addition, we aim at connecting international students and alumni with potential employers. The event program consists of keynote speeches, workshops, panel discussion and cv photographing.

The next Löyly will be held in January 2022. You can find the program of the event on Löyly’s website.

The Anniversary Week is all about celebrating our Student Union with program that is open for all the members. The program of the week consists of different kind of events on both campuses and all over the city. Throughout the years the program has included for example student parties, hobby try outs, discounts on culture attractions and all sorts of interesting and fun program that lights up the student life. Traditionally the week culminates into OYY’s Annos Annual Ball.

The Student Union of the University of Oulu hosts a formal academic dinner party called Annos once a year to celebrate its anniversary.

OYY was founded in 1959 but the first anniversary was celebrated only in 1961. The party is held on the anniversary (February 28) or on the previous weekend. The anniversary is a party for everyone studying at the University of Oulu, and it consists of a delicious dinner, speeches and singing according to the Finnish academic tradition.

On the website of the Oulu Student Magazine, you will find a calendar of events featuring the events of societies operating within OYY.

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