Universitas funding

Get your project funded

Do you have a project idea brewing, but don’t yet have funding for the project? If your project aims to improve the fluency of studies, internationalisation or students’ working-life skills, you can apply for Universitas funding. The funding is meant for all student groups and societies at the University of Oulu. We hope that the projects cooperate with other actors at the university such as faculty, degree program or other student groups.

Funding has been given to projects such as speciality courses, excursions and events. However, the funding is not meant for venue rent at the university. One project can receive Universitas funding only once. We wish that the projects continue with some other funding after the Universitas funding. 

  • The project supports the fluency of studies, working live relevance, or internationalisation.
  • The project is non-profit.
  • Every member of the society, subject, or University has an equal chance to participate within the registration period and maximum number of participants.
  • A successful project has a chance to continue with other funding.
  • The project is new and it is not a part of continuous activity of the society or the University.
  • The project hasn’t been granted the Student Union’s project funding.
  • If the project collaborates with for example, the subject, other societies, or companies, it can be considered beneficial for the project.

The funding decisions are made by the Universitas Steering Group which has people from both University and Student Union. The Steering Group considers the funding case-by-case and uses its judgment on the decisions.

The application period is continuous. The Steering Group gives out funding as it receives the applications. You should reserve a few weeks for the processing of the applications.

The funding is granted on the basis of an open application. Send the application to universitas@oyy.fi. The application should include

  • the name of the project
  • organizer and coordination of the project
  • description
  • schedule
  • objectives
  • target group(s)
  • possible partners and their contact information
  • continuation of the initiative
  • human resources
  • the budgeted amount applied
  • contact person

You can ask the Community Specialist for help in filling the application and budget by contacting them at community@oyy.fi.

At the end of the project that has received the Universitas funding, the project leader compiles a final report, where they describe the project, how it was carried out, and the actual costs and budget.

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