Equipment to borrow

Is your party missing lights and music? Do you need some tools for cleaning up after the party?
Don’t worry! OYY offers equipment for different purposes.

OYY lends equipment free of charge for societies working within OYY. Other student groups can rent the equipment. See the renting rates here.

Retrieving and returning the items happens at the OYY office on working days as agreed upon. More information and reservations: or +358 40 5200557.

The loan period is usually one day. Exceptions are to be agreed upon before loaning. When loaning equipment on Friday, the loan period is the entire weekend and the equipment must be returned on Monday by 11 a.m.

When loaning out equipment, a deposit of 20 euros must be given to the Student Union. Please reserve the exact change for the deposit. The deposit is given back when the equipment is returned clean and in working condition. Lost and broken equipment must be compensated for as stated here.

  • Carcassonne (no expansions) 
  • Football card game (instructions only in German)
  • Kimble
  • 2x Mölkky
  • 2x Playing card
  • Ticket to ride Europe
  • Twister
  • 2x UNO

Board games in Finnish:

  • Alias original
  • Big Brother Suomi
  • Cranium
  • D.E.M.O
  • Huhupuheita
  • Huippuhatut
  • Hullunkuriset perheet
  • Junior Alias kuvaselityspeli
  • Junior Smart 7
  • Koulutusleikkaus
  • Maailmantähti 2kpl (SYL)
  • Muuttuva labyrintti
  • Risk
  • Scrabble
  • The Club
  • Trivial Pursuit Genus-Painos
  • Valtapeli
  • 3x 65liter tubs
  • 5x 10 liter buckets (without a lid)
  • 2 liter ladel
  • 4x trash picker
  • 2x water canister with a faucet
  • 182 plastic soup plate (blue)
  • 80 plastic mugs (blue)
  • 13 plastic mugs (white)
  • 2 plastic mugs (green)
  • 108 knifes
  • 93 forks
  • 178 spoons

Sound equipment

  • 2x speaker + mixer
  • 2x speaker stand
  • Cables (2x power cable, 2x instrument cable, 2x speaker cable, 2x 2L2FX cable)
  • 2x covers for the speakers
  • Speaker stand bag
  • Speaker bag

Microphone equipment

  • Shure SM58 microphone
  • Shure SM58 microphone (wireless)        
  • Shure PG58 microphone (wireless)
  • 2x Shure BLX4 wireless receiver + power cables
  • 2x XLR cable (mic cables)
  • 2x microphone stand
  • Mic stand bag
  • Saramonic Blink 500 B2 wireless microphone system


  • 2x PAR64 floor spotlight + coloured membranes
  • OYY’s tent
  • Seremony master’s staff and pedestal
  • Laminating machine
  • Megaphone
  • 2x Picnic blanket
  • Cable spool, 4 sockets, 25meters
  • 27x LED-candles 
  • Christmas lights, 5 meters and 10 meters
  • Air mattress 140x200cm
  • Screen with a stand
  • 2x pump thermos
  • Jabra Speak 510 conference speaker

More information and loaning equipment: or +358 40 5200557

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