Organisations guide

The organisation guide contains information for organisations operating within OYY. Here you will find information and tips, whether you are a new or an experienced active in an organisation!

Training and events

OYY holds various events throughout the year for organisations working under it. The annual Organisations Meeting takes place at the beginning of each year. The Organisations Meeting is a training event with training sessions for all types of organisation workers. The persons in charge of the training are experienced organisation workers.

After School Snacks is a free-form networking event for organisation workers where workers from different organisations get to have discussions together led by OYY workers. Food and drinks are served at the event, and organisations may prepare their own discussion topics.

We update information about events and trainings to this page. From now on you will also find the materials of previous trainings from here, so you can reread them or check out the trainings you couldn’t attend!

Active Club 2023

Are you active in your society in 2023? The Student Union (OYY) organises training for the subject and hobby societies operating in OYY at the Active Club from 1st to 2nd of February 2022. The trainings are held in the Linnanmaa campus.

In the Active club, you can learn new things and share your own ideas about society activities. The purpose of the Active Club is to develop and update your skills as an student active. You can sign up up to 4 trainings!

Signing up for the Active club opens on Monday, January 16th.

The training selection offers you a chance to learn the basics on most of the student society sectors. In 2023 you can also train yourself on other important issues: for example preventing bullying and harassment, leading the society and how to develop societies.

Active Club 2023 trainings will be updated on this page soon!