A healthy mind is every student's right

The theme of this year’s Students’ Mental Health Week is equality

From 8 to 14 April, it’s Student Mental Health Week. The previous Mental Health Day has expanded into a theme week, and this year the theme is equality and social accessibility.


What is social accessibility? In short, it means that people are valued and accepted for who they are. In student organisations, this can be reflected, for example, in welcoming different people to events and activities, giving them the opportunity to use their strengths and participate in ways that suit them. Social accessibility can be promoted by treating everyone with kindness. Events can be communicated in a way that emphasises that they are for everyone, and clearly explains what can be expected at the event. Details of the venue, any charges and other arrangements will also help to reduce the threshold for participation.


For more information on social accessibility, see for example the Culture for All website


Everyone has the right to study and to be part of a student community. Each of us may also face situations where we need help to deal with our own situation, whether it is a study-related difficulty or a health or life challenge. It is worth asking for help openly and as soon as possible.


  • FSHS cares about students’ health, including mental health!
  • University chaplain provides support in a confidential discussion about issues such as relationships, life views or death
  • Study psychologists offer support with learning and study challenges
  • The Nyyti website has a comprehensive list of resources who can help in different situations
  • OYY’s harassment contact persons can help if you have experienced bullying or harassment in the university community

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