Additional call for the Student Union Board is now open!

OYY’s Board will have an additional call for 1–2 new board members for the autumn semester 2023. The Board of the Student Union is a professional board, and its everyday life consists of weekly official and unofficial meetings. The Board member’s responsibility is to work independently and together with a Specialist in their own sector. Weekly working time is approximately 15 hours. 

We are looking for a Board member in the Community sector. In the Community sector, you can work on both international, organization and event matters.

The Board member is expected to have previous experience from working in a student society, commitment to the activities and values ​​of the Student Union, independent approach to work and good communication skills. OYY works bilingually, so knowledge of both Finnish and English is considered an advantage.

Send your free-form application and CV by Sunday, August 6th by 11:59 p.m. to the address

The Student Council of the Student Union will select new Board members at its August 2023 council meeting.


For more information

Suvi-Anna Salminen

Chair of the Board



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