Apply to the Board of the Student Union for the year 2024!

The application period for the Board of the Student Union is open 20 Nov – 10 Dec.

The board has a wide variety of tasks to offer, and its actions are guided by the action plan confirmed by the Student Council in addition to the board members’ own interests and skills. All members of OYY can apply to the board.

The board of the student union is a working board, which means that it operates full-time, and its weekdays are formed of weekly meetings and discussions.The board members work at the student union’s office several days a week. The student union operates bilingually, so competency in both Finnish and English are an advantage. Previous experience with working in organizations, good interaction skills, and teamwork skills are all advantages in the position of a board member. It’s possible to complete studies during the term of office, however, the position requires one to commit to working weekly at the student union’s office. The internal meetings and discussions of the office are held during office hours, but representative tasks and events, as well as being in contact with stakeholders may take place in the evenings and weekends. Board members are paid a fee for the position, and in 2023 it was 650 euros a month.

In addition to working together, the board members are responsible for their own sector of which activities they will develop during the year together with the specialists. In addition to this, the board members may be responsible for acting as a tutor for the subject societies or for directing an action plan project. You can freely tell us in your application if you are especially interested in one or more sectors! Although, the tasks of the board are allocated only after the organization meeting that is arranged after electing the board. Each year is different, and the roles of the board members can slightly vary. For instance, the 2023 board had a member responsible for elections because of the parliamentary elections and the student council elections that took place during the year. However, below are descriptions of the most common areas of responsibility a board member can have. 


The board member responsible for events cooperates most importantly with the event producer, and the climax of the year is the opening event Hurmos that takes up a lot of time especially in early autumn, but which also requires preparation throughout the whole year. Additionally, the board member responsible for the events arranges smaller events during the year and liaises with the societies.

The board member responsible for academic affairs and the board member responsible for social affairs work in the advocacy sector in cooperation with the OYY office’s academic affairs specialist and social affairs specialist. The board member responsible for academic affairs cooperates with other persons responsible for academic affairs in the societies, and helps to look for solutions to problems relating to studying. The board member responsible for social affairs takes care of improving the well-being of the students, for example from the perspectives of equality, communality, and local influencing.

The board member responsible for international affairs cooperates with the community specialist, in addition to which working in the international sector includes working a lot with the university and the international partners. The international sector handles the matters of the incoming exchange and degree students as well as supports the internationalization of the Finnish students. The international sector is a varied mixture that consists of advocacy, collaboration with the societies, and events.

The board member responsible for the societies naturally works with the societies operating within OYY on cooperation, guidance, and events aimed at the societies. The board member acting in the society sector works together especially with the community specialist.

The board member responsible for communications gets to familiarize themselves with each sector and to support others with communications. The board member responsible for the communication collaborates especially with the communications specialist, but also with other specialists. In the community sector you get to plan and produce content regarding services, events, and the weekdays of the student union for the student union’s communication channels.


Send in your free-form application and CV as a pdf file to at the latest on Sunday, 10 December. More information about the application process and acting in a position of trust can be asked for from the chair of the board Suvi-Anna Salminen ( or the secretary general Kauko Keskisärkkä (

All applicants have an opportunity to introduce themselves to the student council in the meeting on 12 Dec. The meeting starts at 5 pm.


Election of the chair and vice chair of the student council


In the same meeting the council will elect the chair and vice chair for the student council for the year 2024. The chair and vice chair have to be full members of the student council. 

Deadline for the applications is on Sunday 10 Dec at 23.59 and they should be sent to Applications sent on time will be forwarded to the student council so everyone has the opportunity to read them before the meeting. More information about the positions can be asked from the current chair Leea Putula or the vice chair Karoliina Kokko-Tollola.

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