Blog: Path of a happy student

A study place has been granted. I accept the place.

Anna’s dreams were fulfilled in the summer when the path to University of Oulu was open at last. Anna looked forward to fall a bit nervous but excited. New friends, a new apartment and student overalls were looked forward to the most. In the first week Anna was welcomed by student tutors and tutor teachers. Orientation week made the campuses, student restaurants and parks feel like home. Anna got a student card from the office of the Student Union and people in the student associations board made themselves familiar. Anna could at least remember the face of the chair of board. Perhaps Anna could also get a spot in that group next year?

Then it was time to begin studies. Anna’s tutor teacher helped Anna to make a Personal Study Plan (PSP) and Anna’s studies from the Open University last year were taken into account. The first lessons seemed a bit rough but luckily the teacher was up to task and remembered to answer each and every question. Being able to enroll into an exam from Peppi seemed to be a struggle but that was figured out when Anna asked for help. Before the exam Anna was calm and had trust in passing. In the end the difficult part was locating the exam room and that was managed with a little help from the map in Tuudo. The exam was graded in three weeks time as it should. The next exam of that period proved to be a bigger obstacle. From feedback Anna noticed that some additional work was needed to master the pivotal parts of the course. Luckily the exam can be re-done twice and second time was the charm.

Before Christmas the courses and life itself got a bit harder. Group working was not a success, there were some difficulties at home, the courses grew harder to grasp and Anna got tired. Luckily the teachers understood the situation and a deadline to an essay was able to be moved to January. Anna also got an appointment to a study psychologist and planned spring’s studies to be a little less demanding with a study counselor. Stress eased it’s grip on Anna and things looked bright again. But at this moment the skiing trip on vacation was the only thing on Anna’s mind!



Congratulations on your study place! We at OYY hope that your freshman year will be full of happiness, new faces and learning new things! It is not that simple all the time so you should know that as a student you have a collection of rights protecting the equity of studies. Be sure to hold on to them!

More info on these rights can be found on OYY’s website.

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