Cuts to traineeship support reversed, but too late?

Traineeship support is back, but university decision-making and communication has been patchy and unclear

Students should have confidence in university decision-making and the smooth running of their studies, but this spring has been a test of that confidence. There were sudden cuts to traineeship support, and it was unclear how long the support would last and how those who did not receive it would complete their traineeships. Thanks to lobbying, the situation was eventually rectified. However, uncertainty remained as to whether the decision-makers would remember to take into account the individual situations of students.

The significant cut in traineeship grants was announced at the end of January, but the university did not communicate this to students in a coherent way. As a result, faculties had to communicate the situation themselves, and students in different faculties were in different positions. OYY took action to resolve the situation as soon as we became aware of it, and we demanded that the funding be restored to the level of previous years. In addition to discussions and clarifications, we approached the university management with an internal statement. The cooperation was fruitful and the university promised to restore the funds.  Students were only informed of the reinstatement on 25 March, too late for many of them to apply for summer internships. So even though the grants have been reinstated, many students have still suffered.

It is good that the traineeship funds have been reinstated, but the management of the situation left a lot to be desired. Even unfortunate decisions and cuts need to be communicated directly so that students can take them into account when planning their studies and traineeships. We hope that in the future the University will be more open, direct and timely in communicating decisions that affect students.

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