Mikko Hakoniemi starts as OYY’s specialist of academic affairs

Mikko Hakoniemi has been hired as the student union’s specialist of academic affairs. Hakoniemi will start in the position at the beginning of 2024, when the previous specialist of academic affairs moves on to new challenges.


Hakoniemi has a bachelor’s degree in the history of sciences and ideas. For the past year, Hakoniemi has served as the 1st vice chair of OYY’s board and was responsible for academic affairs in the board. Hakoniemi has previous experience in the subject society of history students, for example as vice chair and in academic affairs. In addition, he has been an active student representative in the university’s administration, e.g. in the education management group and in the working groups and board of his own faculty.


”Hakoniemi has extensive experience of working with academic affairs in the university community. He has proven himself to be a passionate guardian of the students’ interests,” says Kauko Keskisärkkä, the general secretary of the student union.


”I am excited about the opportunity to work on student advocacy. By supporting student organisations even better, academic affairs advocacy at the University of Oulu will be even stronger,” envisions Hakoniemi.

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