OYY gave a statement on the proposed points-system of student selection

We took part in the renewal of Universities’ student selection by voicing our opinion on the proposed new point system for the applicants.

The Student Union of the University of Oulu voiced their opinion on proposed new points-system of student selection in otakantaa-fi. The proposition has been conducted on the work made by the national student selection development project and its findings. The work was formed around research about the matter and its aim has been to make the system more simple and reduce the overall load on applicants.


One of the major changes is the reduced amount of point-tables. Different fields have been combined into shared tables with ambition. Another major change is on the value each subject in matriculation examinations is given. The research behind this matter pointed to a heavy correlation between good results in native language (Finnish / Swedish) results and the ability to have good results in university. Based on this the proposition aims to lift the native language examination results to the highest degree in all tables. Math has been highly influential up to this point, but the proposition takes a new stand where the impact of mathematics and especially its long syllabus has an even bigger value in fields that emphasize natural science and mathematics. At the same time the value of maths in other fields gets significantly lower but still stays as the second or third most important subject of all.


“The proposition on new student selection model is a step to the right direction since it aims to emphasize the relevance of said matriculation examination subject to the field in question. The relevancy has not been taken into account as well in the previous model since its focus has been more on the work load of said subject and not its contents.” states Mikko Hakoniemi, Vice Chair and Academic Affairs Correspondent of the board.


In the statement the Student Union gives praise on the research based approach and that the relevance of the subject in different fields is taken better into account. The stronger position of native language results is both reasonable and helps to ease the load on applicants since everyone has the similar amount of courses in high school. This helps in freeing up time to make prioritizations on studies based on your own interests that also strengthen the preparedness for university studies. Along these notes we stated that the choices surrounding mathematics were good and reasonable. The Student Union also made some point-table and treshold specific notions that are listed in the summary attached below.


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Jere Tapio
Specialist of Academic Affairs


Mikko Hakoniemi

Vice Chair, Academic Affairs


Student Unions comments on propositions for the student selection

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