OYY has published its urban policy programme: aiming for the best city to study in Finland!

OYY will bring students’ perspectives to the spotlight more actively as the municipal elections approach

The Student Union of the University of Oulu (OYY) has taken big steps in urban policy advocacy and has created an urban policy programme to support it, focusing on improving the lives of students in Oulu. The programme is based on, among other things, the results of a city survey conducted by OYY in spring 2024. The programme’s key themes are clear and ambitious: Oulu must become the best city to study in Finland. 

Oulu must become the best city to study in Finland. 

We want Oulu to be the best city for students to have the best possible quality of life, with public transport coverage and significant student discounts to make it easy for students to get to their studies and hobbies. The production of student housing must meet demand so that there is enough affordable housing for students. Bicycle maintenance points and bike parks promote easy mobility.

By committing to student employment, the City of Oulu can support students to build a solid foundation for their future careers while they are still studying. “This will not only benefit students, but also strengthen Oulu’s position as a city of knowledge and innovation”, emphasises Vilma Sippola, the Vice Chair of the Board of OYY. Oulu can set an example in employing international students, giving more of them the opportunity to stay in the Oulu region after graduation. 

The Urban Policy Programme also emphasises the need for facilities and resources for student culture. Students make up a large part of Oulu’s population, and the visibility of a diverse student culture will further enrich the cultural life of the future European Capital of Culture. There is also a need for facilities for independent study, both on and off campus.  We want Oulu to offer a wide range of activities and facilities that support students’ well-being and sense of community.

You can read the full The Urban Policy Programme in the documents section of our page.

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