The students need their hero - Become a student representative in the University Collegium!

We are looking for hallopeds (student representatives of administration) for a term of 2024-2025. In this position you get to influence the development of our University, faculty specific questions or student wellbeing. In this round we are looking for representatives in the University Collegium. Apply before the 26th of November!

Hallopeds or student representatives of administration are the student representation method in the decision making at the University of Oulu. We have well over a hundred representatives making their impact on all levels of administration from the University Board all the way to degree programme committees.

Now we are looking for new representatives to the University Collegium from 2024 to 2025.

The Committees meet approx. 2-5 times per semester and the representatives are able to get ETCS from participation. Positions in the University Collegium, Education Management Group, Education Council, Board of Examiners and Faculty Board, Management Group, and Education Committees are also paid positions (41,20eur/meeting), if the member is not a part of University personnel.

The Student Council of the Student Union selects the representatives in December and the work begins on the 1st of January 2024. Student Unions Specialists will hold a course for all representatives and support them during their whole term. Eligible applicants are those enrolled members of the Student Union that have left their applications before the 26th of November.

Elected representatives must be enrolled in the University of Oulu and a member of the Student Union while their term is going on. Representatives in Faculty- specific organs must also have their primary study rights in said faculty. Working does not require prior experience. You can apply whether you are a first or a fifth year student!

Tell us your major, your study situation and possible prior experience in your application. Also describe your own goals and motivations for the position you are applying to. Apply before the 26th of October, 23:59 WITH THIS LINK

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